It helps me improve them. Despite the fact that you started the chain by whispering, “Company XYZ used content marketing to engage prospects,” you’re sure to end up with something quite ridiculous by the end. If the student guesses incorrectly, ask the next group to choose a square. Here’s how it works: display a word or picture (it could be anything from a celebrity to an animal) on the screen behind you — so that you can’t see it but the audience can. I wrote about 5 ways to play Jeopardy back in January of 2016, since then I have updated the PowerPoint template. I will use them in my English classroom! Great presenters aren’t afraid to challenge the norms of … When time runs out, it’s time to guess. See Using a laser pointer on your smartphone when presenting in PowerPoint for more information, including a brief video. For now, I can offer you this: 1. Thank you so much- we’ve figured out our ‘triggers’ and are enjoying using your activities! I created the Concentration template as part of the post entitled ‘5 activities to make your PowerPoint more engaging.’. Play some tunes. T. You are wonderful! Would you rather 2. Everyone in the audience has scribbled pages of notes on what to say to whom and when. Click on the ‘play again’ button to reset the board. This means that stronger students won’t dominate the game. Switch off the timer. Thanks!! Riddles are a natural fit for Poll Everywhere word clouds. Game playing is not its primary function. Great work! Alternatively, you can arrange shapes in the selection pane. Play something upbeat to pump them up, and lower it back down to let them know it’s time to start. If you want to give this a competitive edge, challenge the audience to submit words no one else will think of. Click on the answer to return to the menu. During a real football game, players tackle each other and take control of the ball. The crux of this presentation game is solving an anagram: a jumble of letters that can be rearranged into many different words. Once you have added in your words, you will need to change the color for the correct answers. Discussions continue until only one panelist remains. Let the audience vote to control the flow of your presentation. Kristie Coffman Spanish Teacher Content Leader 563-552-5689[cid:8d55843b-c5eb-4811-972f-5a43ba21fb49] Dubuque Senior High School. Presenters can leverage file presentation to share and present library files with meeting attendees. But graded trivia questions are a contest. The animation triggers for the cover tiles are fixed. Begin the title with “Would you rather…” and enter the two responses as the two scenarios. Here are eight more ideas for your next class, workshop, or meeting. – tekhnologic, How to create a countdown timer in PowerPoint, 5 Activities to Make Your PowerPoint More Engaging. – tekhnologic,, Target Language: Practise spelling, vocabulary & grammar – tekhnologic, Star Groups – Can you sort the language? Get off the stage (and into the audience). I always appreciate the feedback. The student who answers the question associated with A3 correctly, they win 3 points for their team. There are different ways to manage recordings in your presentation: Pause - to pause a recording. When a player or team scores, click on the team buttons to record the number of goals. There is a paper-based version available to download from the original post. Read more: 20 staff meeting ideas that keep employees alert and engaged, Wake up the audience with a brain-teaser, then reveal everyone’s responses at once. Games For Presentations At Work . Manage narration and timings. PowerPoint Karaoke 7. By hiding the results and revealing them after everyone has voted, you prevent participants from submitting whatever seems like the most popular answer. This is fantastic- do you have any step by step instructions on how to change the triggers? Fill in your details below or click an icon to log in: You are commenting using your account. 3. “How did Company XYZ increase their sales by 45%?”). Then, go around the room and ask people to explain in a few words why they selected one option over the other. The first version of this activity only used 9 squares. It can be used for games and team-building activities though, with a little bit of creativity added in by the team leader or manager. I created a board of 20 squares and under each square there are hidden coins. Each question slide has one box for the question and one box for the answer. Regards, T, thank you very mucch.. i really want to make teaching media like this . If the students are incorrect, cover the cards again and give the next team a chance. To set up the game, the group needs to develop two things: an audience breakdown and a set of questions. It definitely will help me motivate my students a lot! All it takes is adding your own content with the simple placeholders. These were multiple choice question templates. Once the students have stated their number, they must make a guess or say that they don’t know what the image is. Learn how the audience thinks with a tricky “Would you rather?” scenario that divides the group. ( Log Out /  Type a word, grammar structure, or number into each square. Again, thank you for getting back to me- I truly love the activities- I just want to be able to reuse them and ultimately introduce your website to even more of my colleagues. After you create this activity, locate the ‘Visual settings‘ button. Question: Before you reveal a statistic or a fact to your audience, ask them to see if they know it and have them guess the correct answer. Thanks so much for these great ideas and amazing games. Each question on the worksheet should be an important line from your presentation – but there’s a word or phrase missing. A game called "Drink Talk Learn" (DTL) is currently going viral thanks to a Seattle-based software engineer named Michal. At the bottom of the slide, there is a hint that tells the students how many matches there are. This is a fun mental exercise for the audience, doubly so if you’re breaking up multiple, back-to-back presentations. You create the questions. This presentation game is more of a conversation-starter than a traditional game. Thank you for creating these games! With Slido for PowerPoint, you can create and run a quiz directly inside your presentation deck, no need for you to switch apps or screens. Thank you. The chain continues on until the final person states aloud what they heard. Encourage students to use the grammar patterns and make a new sentence. On the slide, click on the object you want to change the animation trigger for. – Battle of the Sexes – Test each team’s knowledge of the opposite gender- sports, fashion and more! The tiles disappear when you click on them, but the coin needs to have its animation trigger set to the new cover tile (if it has moved). Attendees’ responses to those prompts will dictate whether they stand or sit. The talking stick. Powerpoint games can be … A leaderboard updates live with the scores. T, You’re welcome and thank you from Japan. If you do this, be sure to hide responses while everyone responds. When your PowerPoint is ready, you are ready to play. People can compete individually or group into teams and respond from a single phone or device. This activity encourages the students to remember collocations, definitions and meanings. Make presentations exciting and increase the energy level with fun, free and interactive quizzes! Music can set the mood and get attendees energized before your session and during breaks. Make the title a riddle that has a single-word answer (not a sentence or a list). Poll Everywhere handles the voting. The Football Game is also a very versatile PowerPoint game because it can be used with any set of questions. If you contact me via my Facebook page, I will keep you updated as to when a guide/tutorial has been published. The game requires participants to create a PowerPoint presentation about something they're passionate about. But none of them has actually sold a vacuum, yet. 01.01.20 • 7 min read • #Fun #Game #PowerPoint #Presentation Contents 1. All the surrounding words are set to change to red as if they were incorrect answers. thank you so much! The following PowerPoint files are various templates designed for teachers, educators, and youth directors who want to provide a fun way to review material, or just have a fun game show event. Quiz your audience during presentations. Charades 3. When you have selected your animation(s), go to the animation ribbons, click on trigger and select the new object/shape that will be the trigger for that animation. Brilliant! I have written how to change triggers in general terms but I don’t believe I have produced a step-by-step guide. continue to help others by sharing your great works! They also earn bonus points for responding quickly. Enter the participant’s name as the title, and two truths and a lie as the responses. Also set expectations at the start that their participation or questions will be needed at some point during the presentation. When you open the template, you will see twenty-eight squares labelled ‘WORD.’ Edit each square and write a word or phrase that you would like the students to use in order to claim the square. Perhaps I did in an earlier post, but I would have to check. You can use PowerPoint on your smartphone as a remote control to run your presentation and view your speaker notes. Each team choose a numbered square to reveal. Colorful … The students love these!! This accomplishes two very important things for the audience. Select the checkmarks next to the two truths to do a big reveal after voting ends. As someone who has spent hours on end on PPT coming up with new things, I have to admire your work. A hidden picture is placed under several squares. You can reward the student or the student’s team with several points if they sink the ship. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! Game Number 8: Jeopardy. When you open the template, you will see nine numbered squares. The greater the challenge, the more exciting the game is. Each square is linked to a specific slide in the presentation. Here’s how it works: Have everybody in your audience stand up. How the students respond is up to you, but you could tell the students to use a buzzer, ask them to raise their hands or write the answer on a mini board. Click on each of the green strips of grass to move the ball. **Latest Game...Now Using Google Slides!- Click to see my most recent classroom creativity game. It includes two activities that use photos, two activities that encourage active recall of information/phrases and one matching activity. You can gamify this exercise ever-so-slightly by entering everyone who completed the worksheet before the end of your presentation into a raffle. ( Log Out /  Here’s how it works: create a Poll Everywhere word cloud. Select an anagram that’s at least five or six characters long, such as the one above, so that the audience has plenty of possibilities. If they do, the ball moves closer to their opposing team’s goal. Maxwell works with a wonderfully thoughtful team of presentation enthusiasts. When I move things around, the spaces end up being black so I’m still doing something wrong. That was the wrinkle Mark Fordham, VP of Customer Success at iMeet Central, added to his company’s recurring panel discussions. The audience plays for points, and a leaderboard shows everyone who is in the lead. Expect to hear gasps and cheers each time the leaderboard reveals the new point totals. Students are encouraged to guess the picture underneath the square. If you move a coin from under square 7 to square 3, you will have to change the animation trigger from square 7 to square 3, otherwise the coin in square 3 will only appear when you click on square 7. This presentation game for 10 or more players helps the audience get to know each other. Here’s how it works: Telephone starts by whispering a sentence into someone’s ear. Or by reading the original post here. For example, let’s say that you’re speaking at a long-running and widely-respected conference in your industry. If the students choose a word that they think completes the collocation and it is incorrect the box will turn red. Click on the question box to reveal the answer. D3, A4, C6. Three rounds. Divide your class into suitable numbers. Let me know if your students like them. It happened to me too! Thank you. – Memory Game – Memorize as many items as you can from the Powerpoint slide. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. I’m glad. You can see who submitted what on the activity’s response history page. Now, your entire audience can see what’s on the screen, and it’s up to you to ask twenty “yes or no” questions that will help you guess exactly what’s being displayed. This game works well with both large and small classes. Thank you! The panelist with the fewest votes is voted off the “island.”. Thank you so much for getting back to me- that was unexpected (but I was hopeful). Each activity is a different line from your fictional vacuum purchaser, and the audience votes on different replies. The team with three symbols in a row wins. The central concept of that game is that points can be halved or lost if the students revealed a particular icon. You’ll then pose prompts one at a time. I hope 2017 will be a great year for you as well! I wonder how to fix this . Thank you and wishing you a wonderful 2017!! In the center of the slide, there is a white box that can contains part of the collocation. Click on section A3 and it will change color to yellow. This is just one of many ways presenters and educators use interactive presentation games to keep the audience on its toes. Key to delivering a highly interactive presentation is an element of surprise with flair … If you like this article, why not try 10 more PowerPoint Games. See just how jumbled a phrase can get when it’s passed one-by-one around the room. Wait until everyone has responded to your riddle, then click ‘Show results’ again to reveal the finished word cloud. Try to make your two truths and lie as short as possible. Can’t wait to use them in my classroom… Shall let you know how it went. Do you have PowerPoint slides to share? Do you remember the game of telephone that you played as a kid? Please do. Second, the completed worksheet doubles as a resource that summarizes what you just presented. Between talks, the audience selects their favorite speaker using their mobile devices, and the results appear in an animated chart in real time. Change ), You are commenting using your Facebook account. If the students are correct, leave the cards uncovered and award points to their team. Microsoft® Office® is a copyrighted product of the Microsoft® corporation. Audience Response: These work well in more structured presentations. And this explains the importance of audience activities during presentation. Be sure to check the box next to ‘Show instructions image on bar chart’ so the image is always visible. 7. Wheel of Fortune PowerPoint Template If you're looking for games to play at the start, end or during a presentation (which some call class presentation games), check out the pages linked from my menu above. Download the Jeopardy 2016 PowerPoint. True and False 10. The template is called Jeopardy because of the board layout. If the student guesses correctly, click on the images to reveal it. As a result, with this latest version, I have included templates for four answers, six answers and eight answers. However, it limits each poll to 25 responses.Using Poll Everywhere, you can solicit real-time respon… Games To Make Presentations Fun Unfortunately, I will not be available to make a guide or tutorial for several days. Neuroscientists at Harvard found that talking about ourselves gives similar satisfying signals as money and food give us. Competitions is a great interactive presentation game for energizing the audience. When I try to show the powerpoint the squares are black. love it! . Click it so that a picture of two phones appears. Repeated words grow larger within the cloud. Animations and sounds may differ when opened in other presentation software. If the student is successful, click on the square to reveal whether there is a ship underneath. For your inspiration, here are our two favorite quizzes that we like to run during our meetings: Stop - to end a recording. Follow these steps: If your word has two or more matches, you will have the change the fill animation for two or more answer boxes. When the results are hidden, there is a small counter in the lower left that shows you how many have responded. To hide or unhide the current slide in your presentation, select Black or unblack slide show. I wrote about playing tic-tac-toe to set discussion goals back in April 2015, but I originally designed the template in Excel. Then it’s the crosses turn. It can also be fun to compare the different end results. Interactive Games For Presentations. Games To Include In Presentations. If you are looking for more than just virtual games to play on Zoom, set up your … 8. The reason for this rule is to ensure that as much English is spoken as possible. The students don’t know where the higher value coins are, so like ‘treat or treat’  the game has a random element. An audio icon appears on a slide when narration's available. May God bless you and your team more and more!! Enter your email address to follow tekhnologic and receive notifications of new posts by email. Plant engaged audience members ahead of time. The PowerPoint files listed here can be easily edited to reflect your own subject material. What We Like. This style of questioning has plenty of applications besides vacuum salesmanship, but the core function should be constant: Giving the audience a simply way to reflect upon, and apply, what they just learned. It’s up to you whether or not you announce this beforehand, or have it be a surprise at the end. A simple worksheet does double duty during presentations. You have saved me LOT OF time. The second only uses colors while the third doesn’t use either numbers or colors. When you start the presentation, a soccer ball will appear in the middle of the slide. For example, if the ship covers three squares, award the students three points. Let me know if you still experience problems and I will try and create a more elaborate guide for you, but it may be some time before I can get round to it. Select it, then locate ‘Donut chart‘ and select that too. – Jeopardy Powerpoint Template – A free Jeopardy Powerpoint Template, ready to download and edit. Change ), You are commenting using your Twitter account. He shares their presentation wisdom in bite-sized morsels here on the Poll Everywhere blog. That way, you know when voting is finished. Shorter responses are always easier to read in the chart. They provide an opportunity to model an activity or a game (especially with large classes), they can be fun to play, they are easy to create or edit and they don’t require an internet connection. Due to this social isolation, many people are looking for different ways to hang out with their friends and play games as usual. Select the animation for that object either from the small numbered square next to the object or from the highlighted object in the animation pane. This classic icebreaker game works great with a recent Poll Everywhere addition: instruction image. If you are a regular reader you will be familiar with them all but if this is the first time you have read my blog, you’ll find another 10 games here. Quiz the audience with multiple choice questions. Last September, I was inspired to make a PowerPoint version of Battleships after reading this blog post from ELT-CATION. You can see in the image above that I changed the bar chart to a column chart. The aim of Pair Up is to introduce, practice and test common collocations with students. I’m still not having any luck. If the correct answer is the largest word in the cloud, that means most of the audience got it right. This year, I wanted to create a template in PowerPoint that could be used to model to activity to the whole class. Wheel of Fortune From Rusnak Creative. You are amazing! Decide which team is circles and which team is crosses. Quizzes 4. All Time Show: Recommended. This game provides valuable… There are a few add-ins you could choose, but I opted for Poll Everywhere because it's easy to use and has a free version so you can work through this example without making a purchase. Doing so rewards players for coming up with multiple unique words (thereby increasing their chances of winning) or by strategically submitting the same word multiple times to inflate its size in the cloud. Here’s how it works: Create a worksheet and print out several copies before your presentation. For added fun, set the number of submissions to unlimited. After you create this activity, add an instruction image depicting the person you’re talking about. thanks for sharing any updates, Hi Xielaoshi, Refer to the response above or set your images as backgrounds images for the text-boxes. Free Games For Presentations. I hope they work well for you! The Football Game is also a very versatile PowerPoint game because it can be used with any set of questions. Picture reveal was also part of the post entitled ‘5 activities to make your PowerPoint more engaging,’ but I original introduce this game back in October of 2014 in the post ‘The Big Reveal!‘. 4. If so, share your PPT presentation slides online with Thank you for sharing these amazing powerpoint games! Duration of Play. Please watch the tutorial video for the concentration game by following this link. Each slide represents a different difficulty. Open the template and you will see the menu board. Invite audience members to just yell out their answers to your questions simultaneously to create a lively game that’s sure to give your audience’s enthusiasm a boost. One of the best ways to reinforce new information is to give people the opportunity to use that information in some way. ; Offer practice with specific exercises. PowerPoint presentations can be as creative, as interesting and engaging as you want them to be. To create your own class quiz, copy the slides you need into a new PowerPoint and write your own questions and answers. Ask your students questions or encourage them to give feedback and opinions. Add your own questions and answers to the template and you are ready to play. Extremely under the influence cards (Expansion Pack) is a fun card drinking game. 5 Activities to make your PowerPoint more engaging was an article written to encourage audience/student participation in a presentation. An easy way to simulate this is to use a dice. A short interactive quiz will upgrade your PowerPoint presentation and make it more engaging.

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