Cold Steel does not make balisongs. Cold Steel makes lots of awesome blades from folders to machetes. A-TACS Bags & Packs Boots & Footwear Camping Equipment Dog Tags European Military Items Halloween Costumes Headwear & Hat Pins Kids Military Items Medals, Ribbons & Accessories Military Surplus & Seconds Military Uniforms & BDUs Miscellaneous MultiCam™ Multimedia I found a great knife that did exactly what I wanted to do thanks to them. These are knives that have not fully made it to the standard and, therefore, are sold at a discount. 1,270 cold steel factory seconds products are offered for sale by suppliers on, of which moulds accounts for 4%. This is an example of a factory second. With a little searching and luck, you can find some great Cold Steel factory seconds that are pretty much identical to retail Cold Steel knives. Spyderco, Inc. 820 Spyderco Way Golden, CO 80403-8053. For the money, the Bushman series of survival knives are hard to beat! Since Cold Steel has such a good reputation, many companies have been selling Cold Steel counterfeit knives. offers 331 cold steel factories seconds products. Cold Steel Tuff Lite Tri-Ad Lock Folding Knife (2.5 Inch AUS-8A Wharncliffe Satin Serrated Blade) Black Griv-Ex Handle 20LTS (3 Reviews) Add To Cart. Other opportunities to buy factory seconds might appear throughout the year and they are announced on Cold Steel’s newsletter. All rights reserved. Although the defect is purely cosmetic, we choose not to offer seconds. I'm Pete and I'm just a small man in a small rural town who loves the outdoors as much as the other million internet users that cruise sites like every day. The resulting knives are expertly heat-treated and tempered to RC54 and, when subjected to our tests, have withstood over two tons of pressure on their blade/handle transition! Level B factory seconds are seconds who might have small cosmetic imperfections like level A but, in addition to that, have serious structural issues. Nosler Factory Seconds are now available at Midsouth Shooters Supply! Factory Blemished Cold Steel Hand and a Half Sword - 9 7/16'' Grip $299.95 $284.00. Steel angle Steel beam Steel channel Steel flat Steel pipe Steel plate Steel rhs Steel round. These knives are of much lower quality and are nowhere close to Cold Steel’s standard. Unlike the majority of hollow handled knives, there is no joint or seam between the blades and handles, instead the Bushman’s blade and handles are cold forged out of a single piece of SK-5 high carbon steel! This listing doesn't have the tactical sheath the comes with newer models, but it's still a good nylon one. The Two Handed Great Sword sells at Cold steel for $549 - however its is not necessary to spend anywhere near as much to get this sword from some of their authorized resellers. 32" black finish 1055 carbon steel blade. Everything Cold Steel makes can be available as a factory second. What types of knives does Cold Steel produce? We stock a large range of knives including pocket knives, tactical knives, hunting knives, fixed blade knives, fishing knives and folding knives. Want to purchase cold steel knifes that are seconds. There is one during the third weekend of May and another during the weekend after Thanksgiving in November. Careers / Employment Opportunities They also helped me save $30! Categories of Cold Steel knives & swords are listed below. Hey Knife Up gang! But rusts very easily I think. I really need to go in there some day...but Ive been afraid to. Find Freezers appliances & factory seconds products at Home Clearance. Steel Available is a data-driven supplier relationship management and sourcing platform that connects buyers and suppliers while ensuring compliance and visibility in the heavy industry. £55.30 Cold Steel 3V SRK. It is more like a garage sale than shopping. Level A factory seconds are only slightly reduced. Home; Login; Customer service; My account; News; Help; Newsletter They also offer Polypropylene training swords. Some factory seconds are first quality knives that have been used as demos during tradeshows and videos; hence, they are retail knives that have only been used once or twice. Factory Blemished Cold Steel - Weeping Heart Hawk $59.95 $54.00. A note about Factory Seconds: Many sellers purchase factory seconds, then sell them without notice of the defect. Discontinued CarbonV Model SRK available on eBay. Buy Cold Steel Swords, Cold Steel offers dozens of sword models that are sourced around the world. And, trust me, buying a factory second is a lot more fun than buying a knife off of retail. Factory Blemished Cold Steel Imperial Series Katana $499.95 $469.00. Nearly Perfect Nosler Bullets, at a HUGE Discount! If you are looking for a good deal on some Cold Steel knives, folding knives, swords, machetes, tomahawks, axes, and other blades, try a factory second. Cold Steel seconds are a steal. Available in two blade styles (Standard and Bowie point) both feature curved blades that are ideal for skinning and a multitude of bushcraft chores. All of our knives have passed the rigid inspections of Cold Steel's quality control department, and are guaranteed to … Both come complete with a Secure-Ex sheath which houses a high-quality Ferrocerium Fire Steel. Factory seconds are knives that have not made the cut to be sold through normal distribution channels. Level C knives are good as play knives and test knives. - Blade Steel: SK-5 High Carbon - Handle Length/Material: 5 1/4" Long. These range in everything from scratches during manufacturing to blemishes during painting. Most of the time, they do not come in the normal retail packaging. I'm no expert on knife steels, but wow -- whatever they make the Bushman out of is some tough stuff. No pun intended. 37 3/4" overall. Factory seconds do not come with Cold Steel’s warranty. I haven't seen a carbon steel model on eBay since I bought my knife over a year ago so grab it if you ever wanted an SRK. This product cannot be ordered at the moment. Level C knives are also good for trips where you’ll abuse your knife more than normal and quality may not be a number one priority. such as ce, fda. I haven't found such clear law advice anywhere else. Cold Steel has listed some photos of previous counterfeits to help consumers out. And, for those who care, I have 42 years of wilderness canoeing and bushcraft experience in Northern Ontario and spend most of my Summers covered in mosquitos and fish slime, but hey, it's a lifestyle choice eh? Cold Steel Inc. 6060 Nicolle St. Ventura, CA 93003 Sitemap. I'm really happy I found KnifeUp. $50.99 $29.95 SAVE 41%. I still have and use a Master hunter and an SRK I bought from them in the early 90's. When I got them, I had to look HARD to see what it was that qualified them as "Seconds". These bullets are completely functional, with only minor cosmetic blemishes. Cold Steel factory seconds (too old to reply) Strider 2004-04-19 16:16:20 UTC. You'll find … Hydro Flask makes double wall vacuum insulated stainless steel water bottles backed by a lifetime warranty. When something threatens my rights, KnifeUp is the first to inform me. Permalink ... One of my customers is 100' away from Cold Steels Ventura headquarters. Cold Steel sells it’s factory seconds twice a year during sidewalk sales. Sucker bar Wire rope. Cold Steel Inc. is dedicated to producing the world's strongest and sharpest knives, swords, and cutlery tools for anytime and anywhere.Having become very popular with military, law enforcement, emergency services personnel, self defense and the martial arts community, Cold Steel has become widely recognized for quality, strength, reliability and durability. Every so often, the Cold Steel sells factory seconds at a reduced price. It depends on the knife, fault, and severity of the fault. The resulting knives. £191.30 Cold Steel 3V Tai Pan. Every Bushman has been carefully ground to an extra thin edge, and then honed and buffed by hand until razor sharp. We love Cold Steel and miss Repose magazine. Since 1999, we have proudly provided a safe, clean, and welcoming environment for all seeking to modify themselves. Cold Steel, Inc. is an American retailer of knives/bladed tools, training weapons, swords and other martial arts edged and blunt weapons, based in Ventura, California.Cold Steel products are manufactured worldwide, including in the United States, Japan, … £36.00 Cold Steel 1911 Guardian II Walking Stick. Also, most factory seconds have very small flaws that, without close inspection, would be unnoticeable. Looks just like a regular retail knife to me. If an order comes in with items that do not meet the standard, it will be a factory second. *Image shown is only a representation of the product "second", not actual product. V průběhu posledních tří desetiletí byla společnost Cold Steel v čele mnoha inovací, které pomohly definovat průmysl nožů jako celku a zároveň přinesla několik … Cold Steel Commercial Series Western Hunter with sheath. Rust can be removed and treated but will never be cured once it occurs. There is one during the third weekend of May and another during the weekend after Thanksgiving in November. Factory Blemished Cold Steel - Warrior Wakizashi with Long Handle $450.49 $420.00. Cold Steel knives, Cold Steel swords, and Cold Steel tools for sale. Whether you are looking for a knife, a sword, or a pole axe, you can find it in the Cold Steel catalogue. They usually have cosmetic issues or a little rust. This ranges from knives to swords to machetes. For full functionality of this site it is necessary to enable JavaScript. The difference is that I like to share what I know, and research what I don't totally know, so that YOU can have all the info you need to feel confident and prepared for all things outdoors related! As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. is a production of 3hree 6ixteen Net Assets. These include blemishes, dust, and signs of wear. ", "KnifeUp's series of knife reviews was really helpful. For example, a knife that has a chip in the handle would be a level B factory second. Cooling red-hot steel after it has been flat-rolled into slabs of the desired thickness is a rather delicate operation. Double-check to make sure the factory second you intend on buying is a genuine Cold Steel product. A wide variety of cold steel factory seconds options are available to you, such as plastic injection mould, die casting, and preform mould. Level C factory seconds are knives that have severe faults. Made in Taiwan. Phone: 303-279-8383 Toll-Free: 800-525-7770 Fax: 303-278-2229. From reproductions of ancient models like the Chinese War Sword to various European models and finely made Katana Swords to Military Reproduction Swords, look for an amazing variety. - Overall Length: 12-1/4" - Additional Features: Secure-Ex™ Sheath with Ferrocerium Fire Steel Seconds models have minor factory blemishes that do not affect function or safety. © Copyright 2020 Cold Steel Knives. Level A factory seconds are knives that have very small cosmetic flaws. Get great deals on all Cold Steel products including axes, knives, machetes, daggers, swords and more. If a knife does not meet performance standards, it will not be offered as factory seconds. Cold Steel hunting knives and tools are included in their products and are made with different types of steel. Australian Knife Shop - all knives and stock in Australia. FACTORY SECONDS: Front Tool and Bottle Tray for Camp Chef FTG600, Stainless Steel Regular price $89.99 $54.88 Sale Sold out FACTORY SECONDS: Griddle Cover, Diamond Plate Aluminum, for 28-inch Blackstone Griddle With a huge range of Cold Steel products, we at Southern Swords have a great love for these products, providing incredible quality we are proud to be one of the Cold Steel UK retailers offering these knives, swords, axes and more. Cold Steel 97AM18 Latin Machete (18 Inch Black 1055 Carbon Steel Blade) Polypropylene Handle No Sheath The company makes a range of tools. Cold Steel culled these out as "seconds", but I love the price-break. Items like rust spots will be greatly reduced compared to small scratches. £25.50 Cold Steel Double Safe Hunter. With some of the biggest knife brands in the world including Buck Knives, Cold Steel Knives, Boker Knives, ESEE Knives, Bark River Knife and Tool, Fox Knives and Spyderco Knives to name a few.

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