The university's employability helps one to make a professional looking CV and Cover Letter for part-time jobs. Not enough help for struggling students. The university is committed to making a global impact on the fields of research, academia, and student experience. Jobs; Companies; Salaries; Interviews; Search. It has lots of study spaces, good clubs, and the su is fab, really enjoy it, very well ran and lots of resources. Local halls close to all campuses and some a great for the price. So happy I chose to go here! More news stories. Though the cheapest halls are definitely out of the city centre, the buses in Nottingham are /incredibly/ good and reliable, so buying a student pass for the bus is definitely worth it - a lot better than the trams, which break down very often and are typically way more unreliable. All the staff are friendly and approachable, and the Student Union is amazing with putting on events such as Wellbeing Wednesday to ensure that students are not too stressed. 24 Inter­views. The course is well organised with a balance between theories and practical experience I've had the best time of my life. Nottingham was a wonderful environment for a year. Nottingham Trent is a great university in the heart of the city. Again, very knowledgeable - but mixed. About Trent River Cruises. The students union is on the smaller size, with not enough spaces for socialising and studying, which I have previously addressed. A lot of the university-managed accomodation fills up very quickly - think all the fanciest halls going in roughly 2 days - and though there are rooms available for just under £100/week, this is probably going to increase in the future. Great uni, lots of facilities and helpful staff. Other than that, the campuses is lovely and great facilities. Amazing experience for student life away from home! Facilities were mostly great, however I feel the clifton campus gym should be a bit bigger for the amount of sport students that are based there. The university made me feel very comfortable and made it easy for me to settle in, very supportive. I graduate in July after spending three years there as a law student. Good uni, deserves a higher place in the rankings and better rep. Everything I could have asked for and more. Great university with all the essential services covered, more over a thriving, diverse community with many different interests. Another guest lecturer - our IT lecturer in 1st year - actually asked for the number of one student, and was still teaching the next year, despite complaints. They offer so much to everyone and there is always something to do! I study fashion marketing a personally wouldn’t recommend it. Nottingham Trent University Reviews. They are all pretty new and there is constant improvement ongoing. •the builders are also loud... with non stop screaming, shouting, whistling, singing, and music playing. 157 Reviews. Nottingham Trent is the best university, it has fantastic facilities and most importantly a great support group! Great staff and services available to students. Is amazing too, I wouldn’t go anywhere else! It is a really great university with great surroundings and clubs to join. Always well supported and look after at trent! Precious. It is great to hear that you felt welcomed by our inclusive community of staff and students! 10 Benefits. HEAR) throughout the year. Great uni to meet friends, have a good night and get a good degree. It's been a rough ride. At one point, when I outlined that I needed a quiet space to work, I was offered access to a changing room that was little more than three walls in one side of the classroom, with a curtain that had to stay open at all times, no roof to block noise, no access to it in the second half of my third year and no choice but to leave whenever someone wanted to come in and use it. NTU have passion for you to succeed as an individual not only at university but for when you leave. Excellent modern facilities brilliant student union and lovely open and green campus. Average range for Nottingham Trent University (NTU) entry requirements. My year group was 60 people - the year before me was 20 people; go figure. I didnt want to come to Nottingham Trent initially, but I was offered a place through clearing. Student union, better than most night clubs in other places. awesome city. The city contains everything you need to have a good time as well. Best part about the university, is that unlike other campuses, it's directly situated in the city. Not enough computers in the libraries. Great uni with great support! I am studying BSc pharmacology and i really like the way how our teacher teach us and help us. 17. Everyone is so friendly and willing to help you with any issues you may have. We use cookies, which are small text files, to improve your experience on our website and to show you personalised content. Great university experience and wonderful facilities! 132 Nottingham Trent University reviews. They have a lot of employability help and services available all the time but as a first year, I haven’t used these a lot. Iike also the facilities and student union every Thursday and friday there are student nights in campus. Quids in is the highlight of the week. Some of the guest lecturers we had were pretty good too, though I did hear that one took a specific dislike to one student, which I thought was unprofessional. Good uni, the Design for Performance department in particular are mostly helpful, except some members of staff are extremely rude and unhelpful to nervous and confused first year students. Thank you for your time! Nottingham is a small city, but if you're studying on the City campus, this works in your favour. * We'll create your StudentCrowd account and email you when we have responses to your question. I also found the workload - a dissertation, a website, two costumes, research, a costume bible and design work - just too much. I like my lecturers and the content of my course however it’s a shame that we don’t get to experience the other campuses more often. Since being at NTU I have come out of my shell and accepted me for me, with all the support from lecturers and other students, first year has been amazing, whilst the support services at NTU have been out of this word, helping me come to terms with my own mental health as well as a recent diagnoisis, if I wasn’t at NTU, I don’t know whether I would have had all of this! Great city, great course. SU is amazing and has lots of different events throughout the year to suit everyone, again course has no reflection on glasshouse so NOYB. NTU has been an amazing experience for me and everyone I know so far. Best university for partying and socialising with other people. The best place to be at the moment. The facilities are amazing and allow me to reach my full potential. Overall, the university provides a wonderful ambience for studies as well as for living. The lecturers on my course are great and have great industry knowledge. Students are encouraged to get involved in a whole host of extracurricular activities including sports, music, volunteering and social events. Even though your in the city, all the uni facilities and uni accommodation are extremely close together so its like your own student village. At one point, my actual housemate, who'd been having some issues with a (disastrous) experimental collaboration week we'd been having, had a meeting with one tutor, in which it was essentially implied that she was a) being too difficult by having issues with the collaborative week, b) would not get jobs if she spoke up about her issues, and c) should have handled it like me - a comparison and suggestion I categorically would /never/ make, and found deeply unprofessional. You can enjoy a guided tour based on the subjects that you are most interested in, or explore the campuses yourself. Yes it's not to far from local amenities and a few minutes from my accommodation. They have fixed price taxi fairs which are a min of £1 more expensive than normal none student price, unsafe taxis as well The building itself has a over priced bar serving expensive poor quality food along with a expensive Costa. both groups pay the same rent. Love it, wouldn’t want to be anywhere else. The best facilities and staff overall experience has been wonderful I would recommend to any one to come here and to live on campus, I’m at Brackenhurst campus and do equestrian psychology and sport science. To learn more about our cookies and how to manage them, please visit our. I am in the law school and I find all their resources so much help, NTU is an amazing university providing excellent services and both campuses are of excellent facility, Could do with more engagement and focus from seminar teaches as well as precision. I don't show up, I whatever I say is completely irrelevant. The whole university is geared with making money as its number one priority. If you do not allow these cookies, then some or all of these services may not function properly. Our library is open 24/7 so students always have the opportunity to access the library resources. From volunteering opportunities to learning a new skill such as singing, playing an instrument or so on besides academics, all of it under one roof. Great all in all- the SU is amazing and obviously the best in the UK- seriously recommend, the societies and clubs are there all year round so if you are interested in joining somewhere new I recommend joining a few societies maybe sports clubs. The uni feels like home and I learn so much, Rather be a poly x I never had a bad experience with them. My personal score is 7to10. Trent is a great uni and feels like a family. It’s a place where socialising and making new friends is easy. Incredible university. For some reason, our chief lecturer, Greg, didn't like male students, which was just weird - our class was mostly female but he took a solid dislike to one guy in our class, and it apparently wasn't the first time that had happened, either. From a motivational chat when I felt down to disability support. Fantastic uni with great people and staff, Id 100% recommend this university. They offered me weekly mentoring before I even got my autism diagnosis and my DSA approved, and though the counselling I received was only four hours overall, I still found it valuable, despite the longer waiting list. Very good university and have all the student support required, Thank you for sharing your experience, it makes us really happy to hear that you have found all the support you need. These cookies enable the website to provide enhanced functionality and personalisation. Everything you could ever ask for from a University and more, Was actually my second choice of uni but now can't imagine being happier anywhere else: faculty members are inspiring and facilities are amazing. I do not understand this condition at all, precisely if I need a master's degree it is to have the opportunity to have a position like this. Ask a Question. All the staff go above and beyond when needing help, Brilliant facilities, learning environment, staff student and really good resources for any Arts degrees, No campus feel to the university as it’s all in the city, accommodation provided by uni is awful. Amazing university! This is another reason as to why I stayed at home during second year. We have various cultural events throughout the year hosted by the societies from different culture. SOMETIMES getting good seminar tutors are a matter of luck. They were knowledgeable, willing to listen, wanted to help you however they could. amazing uni, social aspect is amazing, and great facilities. There is always something going on, and everyone gets stuck into everything. The point is as good as can be tbh- good place to socialise with friends. For £9,000.00 a year tuition fees, surely there's so much that is a miss. My first year has been great at Trent, everyone is welcoming and the facilities are more than enough. The events held at the student union are also good, particularly student union Saturday nights and quizzes. They really do try their best to give you the best opportunities they can; at one point, I attended a seminar on disclosing disabilities when applying for jobs that really helped me. Get off to the best possible start at uni with Bath Spa University's personalised Welcome package. Not having enough clarification on the project requirements and tips for how to communicate your idea effectively and professionally. Better than uni of! Morning. The facilities, teaching staff and location are perfect and it has been a great experience so far, Ntu is good. enjoying it so far and the night life is worth it :). Library open 24/7, teaching is amazing. This lead to me living at home during second year as I didn't have enough friends similar to me to house share with and couldn't afford the prices of private accommodation again. Least: some lecturers aren't interested in teaching and are the polar opposite of the best ones (found 2 or 3 so far). You can set your browser to block or alert you about these cookies, but some parts of the site will not then work. On the way to campus buildings, many places to stop in for amenities such as food and drink, like the indoor SU Costa Coffee, the SU bar with the friendliest staff or the NTSU shop. The wifi is brilliant. Great university lifestyle! I like the way we get teach in the seminar always interactive and productive. At our first meeting, where I laid out the issues I'd been having related to my disabilities, she patiently listened to me and then led with the opening question of "so, why did you come to university?". I love everything about NTU - it has allowed me to academically succeed to a standard that I never knew I was capable of. Impressive resources that are easy to access, including library, workshops and student union. We are trying our very best to keep students up to date with any Covid related news therefore, please montior your emails and the University website for further news. Trent is pretty f****** good, lovely campus with a brilliant SU, the student support is great, the campuswide wifi is pretty poor though (on clifton anyway.). Has a great location, great facilities, great environment! Brilliant uni! The campus locates in an excellent location, middle of the city centre, which is very easy to go. It is in a perfect location and easy commute by tram. The student union (NTSU) are very friendly and very approachable. I have joined a few societies, which gets my out of my accommodation and meeting new people. Nottingham Trent is in a good, central location being in the city centre of Nottingham. More. That's great to hear. Plenty of support if I needed it. This university is close to transport links and not far from home. I do find that classes, particularly lectures are too full. Before uni, on open days, I'd wonder at why there were obvious, better construction choices for the costumes we were shown - I know now that likely they didn't have the time to make them. lots of fun meeting new people and creating memories that you will never forget. Very lively city centre. The library is 24/7 and always has a free computer somewhere. Overview Overview. Seriously Sick uni would highly recommend, Really good, things like support staff and medical support is all in place if needed but obviously the night life is unreal, so many clubs and bars and the societies are all great. Nottingham is a good city to live in and the university feels like it is part of the city. Open days at Nottingham Trent give you a chance to tour the university’s campuses, look around accommodation, explore facilities, meet current students to learn about their experiences of NTU and ask staff everything you want to know. The Employability team offer training, advice and personal development opportunities (i.e. 867 Reviews by Students Discover the best student accommodation at Nottingham Trent University (NTU). It was and always will be the best money I invested in my education! They are concerned with the overall wellbeing and progression of … I settled into uni life and life in a new city very quickly. We hope to welcome all of our students to the campus in the new year! But I really wish my time at university had been better. Pastoral care is an amazing benefit of NTU specifically, as it is high priority for them and it really shows! 16,000 students study at NTU’s City Campus. Counseling support and student support services are very good. Would recommend this uni to anybody. Do get in touch if there is ever anything we can do to help you. For more detailed information about the cookies we use, or how to clear your browser data see our Cookies Notice. I'll also say that the chief lecturer for design and theatre, uh. The academic support is fantastic. The facilities for my course were at times very cramped. Also in our second year, the then-head of our course changed things so that we did our design work and construction work simultaneously. If they still do it this way, either run or hope you don't encounter problems, because you /will/ sink under the workload. The students union offered plenty of help with both personal and academic issues and are tailored to each individual case. It is very clear that the university has oversubscribed, so there are students literally crammed into every crevice of every available study space. Everyone is so kind and welcoming. The league table is ranked using 867 review scores from current students across 20 university halls and 49 private halls. Useless. Also, they sponsor societies for hosting cultural programs. examples: make sexual jokes about women around women, and are slow to answer. Fantastic Uni, facilities and campus’s are stunning, and staff are fantastic! It seemed pretty good? One of the best years of my life. My experience at NTU has been very exciting and good. Nottingham Tourism: Tripadvisor has 242,199 reviews of Nottingham Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your best Nottingham resource. Claim this company. Great opportunities and support - academic and personal. 3. We have excellent sports facility in our student union such as basketball court, gym etc. (100) Campus: Good (74) BSc (Hons) Exercise, Nutrition and Health @ Nottingham Trent. There is lots of choices, and it is fairly easy to start your own society as well if you don't find one in the topic you're interested in. Not much support and really unclear course structure. Everyone is so friendly, buzzing atmosphere. We are always here to help, so just get in touch if you need anything :), NTU is an amazing University for everyone to attend to. However, student accommodation services are really good - when I suddenly needed to move out of private rentals into halls in the middle of the year, they were excellent at helping me find a room, and when I wanted to move in a week earlier than I'd originally said, they had no problems with accommodating this. 24 hours library and great wifi. Campus is modern, got everything you would need, and there's always something going on. This is the latest available data taken from the. Nottingham Trent University (NTU) is a popular institution, with over 30,000 students studying across four unique campuses. There are weekly placement and graduate job fairs across campuses. At Clifton campus, don’t know about city campus, I absolutely love NTU. The Campus is modern and nicely designed with clear maps and signage around to help you find where you need to be. The student union is one of a kind; it’s made my university experience. Sport societies and clubs are a big thing at trent and there are loads to choose from in every genre. Only problem is that there isn't enough computers in the library. I am studying BSc pharmacology and I really like the way how our teacher teaches us and helps us. NTU Is a great University, offers different challenges. Tutor feedback is generally good (depending on the person - most of them care about the student). a real feel good place, cant say much for other campuses but since using the city library in second year can say that the library is really well kept and i love the rooftop garden! Nothing more to ask for. Just visit our website to get started! Social media cookies enable you to share our content with your friends and networks. I have had support for services such as the mental health team, which I recommend to anyone who might need to reach out for additional support during their time at NTU. I would’ve preferred to stay on campus but got stuck with trinity. WiFi coverage is grear. Uni gym is good and good value for money. Never met a fun person from uni of. Trent has such a good Students Union! The best university I looked around and the most comforting and welcoming place. Amazing uni and the only one I would want to go to! If you struggle with noise and crowding like me, it soon becomes obvious thst you're only going to get work done at home - even though being in a classroom environment with good lighting (none of the halls have good lighting) and access to technicians is pretty essential and conducive to learning. I was struggling with the social aspect and didn't know where to go to find help. Read Nottingham Trent University (NTU) reviews by 516 students. Great social life at notts Trent, including societies and the SU. I enjoy the academics, the independence, the facilities etc. My university is very fitting for all of my needs. I love all the facilities the university provides and the efforts they put in to make our experience memorable. NTU is an outstanding university with amazing facilities. You can’t beat a dip in an Ocean Wednesday. Student Support Services are great. We use cookies to ensure the best user experience and to serve tailored advertising. Amazing first year, lots of great opportunities to meet new people and settle into uni life. The teaching level is excellent. I understand why this is the case, but it didn't make it better. If you’re going to need help at some point at University then avoid this one, becaue as soon as the staff actually have to step up then you’re considered a problem they shouldn’t have to deal with. 2. No uni is perfect, and I surely am happy with my choice. StudentCrowd is free to use, but in order to vote, comment, and leave reviews, you need to create a free account. The university has different facilities to help students about any kind of problem that they face during there course. Established in 1992, Nottingham Trent University is a non-profit public higher-education institution located in the urban setting of the medium city of Nottingham (population range of 250,000-499,999 inhabitants), East Midlands. A great university, especially for creative subjects. Some lecturers are amazing some do not want to help, No swimming pool, insufficient Sports pitches, need a bigger gym. The campus provides various facilities for the student from library, sports , gym and so on. Campus access guides. I couldn’t fault the uni, from their impeccable employability team to the gym facilities. It is really good. We use cookies to ensure the best user experience and to serve tailored advertising. Loved my experience at NTU. The Tab has voted us Best Poly and Best Overall Uni 2015/16.. What more do you want? The course is boring, repetitive, not based on fashion, and poorly organised. If it helps at all, you can chat to our curent students on this course. Everything is so modern and everyone is very welcoming. Nottingham Business School to deliver Carbon Literacy Training to students from across the globe. 1,700 students live and learn at the University’s Brackenhurst Campus which is situated on 500 acres of countryside and is home to an animal unit and equestrian centre. Numerous facilities. The facilities provided for your educational experience is worth every penny and there is a strong student community to support the ever growing university. The dedication and commitment to sustainability and environmental issues also makes it an excellent model university. I have been told about employability in the Newton building, which helps with finding work and C. V s. I don't like the way that we don't learn the study skills before we do the assignments but as we are doing them. Overall rating. Students at the City Campus can enjoy a range of vibrant social venues including the Global Lounge and award-winning Students Union. Uni is great Fortis student accomodation isn’t. I am at Nottingham Law School and this offers a diversity of opportunities for myself and others on my course. A free inside look at company reviews and salaries posted anonymously by employees. I enjoy the facilities available for the Psychology / social sciences department, including the research building dedicated to equipment such as eye tracking, movement and virtual reality. The freshers team and events were so helpful to make you feel welcome and make friends when you first join and there are always events for courses or societies you can go to with friends that are really enjoyable. Nice place to study, Best uni, amazing facilities, the best student union and living on campus in recommended in first year, Amazing university, I couldn’t imagine going to any other university and getting the experience I got at Trent, Above all they have got good student accommodation facilities as well. PLEASE NOTE inactivating performance or marketing cookies will require clearing your browsing data through your browser page settings. 18 Photos. We haven’t actually been on campus much because of the pandemic but from my experience so far the campus seems really nice. The lectures and tutors are always there to give their full support and will do their best to help as much as they can. My second year tutor did not provide sufficient support, however my placement year tutor was very good and I had regular contact with them even though I was not directly at university. It's in the top 20 UK universities for student satisfaction (Complete University Guide) and has Gold-rated teaching (TEF 2017). Student union is always supportive towards the people from different cultural background. The university has really let itself down over the past few years. Nottingham Trent University - NTU; Review; Student review [#14945] for Digital Marketing at Nottingham Trent University - NTU Nottingham, Universities In The United Kingdom. There is a gym but again to use its at a premium. Great time year, I would recommend the university to everybody. I've heard the same cannot be said for the Uni of Nottingham (I have a lot of friends there now, one who moved to NTU for this reason,) and would genuinely advise one to go to NTU rather than Uni of, even if one is more prestigious and wants higher grades. I have thoroughly enjoyed being at NTU so far and would recommend it to any social butterfly. It has a great sense of student life which motivates you daily. Is a very well equipped university, however your experience does tend to rest in which campus you attend. Amazing uni with opportunies for anything you may want to do, often seen as a bit of a boozy uni but has great facilities for students speaking from a science perspective, Really friendly university which is both focused on students and success. Super social great for parties as it is very easy for flats to mix! Overall, my university experience has been mixed. Trent is is an amazing uni with easy access to everything, especially the frequent buses between campuses.

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