Title: Defunct/inactive mirrors: Type: defect: Module: mirrors Severity: some work obstructed: Platform: N/A Keywords: Nosy List: stephen However, to change it in atypical way, such as modernize its documentation out of its 1980's context and writing in a systematic non-trivial update, or modernize its GUI out of the build up from 1980's ways, or, as you suggest, introducing or integrating or embracing some VM... am afraid will be nigh impossible, or take a long, long, long, time.For me, i feel the most urgent change emacs needs is a few basic interface changes, detailed here: http://xahlee.org/emacs/modernization.htmlThe most effective method to make a stratedgic change, is, like Xemacs has done, or as Aquamacs has done, by simply having a capable person fork his own version with his vision, out in the public. You found it! Steve Yegge, “XEmacs is Dead. I am curious about the prospects of that project. A nonpartisan account of the state of XEmacs in its twilight. Sure, it shows that big progress bar in the middle of the screen, so you know it's not dead, but when you're used to it being almost instantaneous, coming back to XEmacs is a real shocker. XEmacs is another, as are Lisp in general, C, various symbolic debuggers, etc. Long Live XEmacs!”. It is protected under the GNU General Public License and related to other versions of E ^ “XEmacs is Dead. Resistance is futile. More specifically, the first part of the book, i consider pure garbage, damaging to software community in a way similar to how religious people preachs about life-after-death or reincarnation or other troubling untruths. Package authors generally want to reach as wide an audience as possible, so a great deal of effort was spent on maintining XEmacs compatibility. To account for the different release schedules the most recent development version of each Emacs . I confess, I am a TextMate/Mac user. I am eager for the unification.As to the fundamental problems to solve, IMO, a better(maybe just little more modern and more fit in the whole desktop system each installation of Emacs inhabits) GUI is the most straightforward and effective way to gain more converts for Emacs, if it is not only geeks that we want to attract. While I totally agree with the main points of your article, I am surprised to hear that you consider XEmacs unstable. xemacs free download. Start coding that emacs extension for Firefox now, instead of losing time trying to resist. The you might like http://aquamacs.org/Think GNU Emacs but it behaves like a Mac application. Their titles hint at their tone. It is light-weight, bundles are easy to write, its reasonably customizable. You mentioned having trouble setting up desktop.el. A nonpartisan account of the state of XEmacs in its twilight. Its emphasis is on modern graphical user interface support and an … And dynamic languages can't even run efficiently on CLR without the help of a DLR to fill in the gaps that JVMs like HotSpot already do for us. I just used Textmate as an example of an editor that is nowhere near Emacs in terms of customizability, but nonetheless it gets my job done.Java users would say the same about Eclipse. Hi Steve,I became aware of your blog maybe about a year ago, and have since read it periodically. As tradition dictates, I have annotated the latest Emacs 27.1 NEWS file with my own comments. I won't say it never crashes, but it's in the single digits per year. To be clear, nothing here is firsthand information. That post suggests XEmacs development is officially dead … It reminds me of my beloved save-tabs-on-exit in Firefox 3b5. that's kinda nice, I think. Here’s a passage from Richard Gabriel (Mon, 22 Jun 92 21:37:51 PDT): When we learned last Summer that FSF had established an Emacs steering committee, and no one from my organization was put on that, or even informed of its existence, we came to the conclusion that the FSF had no interest in working with us, and we stopped trying. In subsequent years Emacs would catch up to XEmacs in terms of features. That's the impression I get from for example nscp dorm and his Wikipedia entry. I wrote a review of this book in 1998: http://xahlee.org/PageTwo_dir/Personal_dir/bookReviewRichardGabriel.htmlAbout Xemacs.... i heartily agree with you about its significance in the history of emacs. There's a library called saveconf.el distributed with Xemacs that saves and retrieve buffer states. Maybe other stuff too. Where did this idea come from? You are my hero. Naturally, users liked having access to all that GUI goodness (Zawinski referred to it as “an attempt to … make Emacs be a good citizen of modern GUI desktops”), and so they switched. And Gabriel dispairs that really good looking Lisp code runs really slow. It's an emacs-inspired web browser built on top of XUL. Exiting XEmacs C-x C-c Screen Organization. I think something got garbled in transmission. Everything up to now has been more or less a rehash of the same old XEmacs story, without anything fundamentally new. Frame: Everything in the X window Menu Bar Tool Bar Window May be several, one of which is selected. I was already a doubting thomas, but Aquamacs put the final stake in it (of course, RMS doesn't like Aquamacs either, but that's another story). To learn more about Xemacs, including the keyboard commands, run the Xemacs tutorial by typing ``Control-h t''. Use the mouse! Its emphasis is on modern graphical user interface support and an open software development model, similar to Linux. I made the point that all it really needs is a solid text editing component that can handle all the stuff you need for a typical editor (syntax highlighting, mainly), and the rest is relatively simple. >> As soon as emacs gets proportional>> anti-aliased fonts, I'll switch. Oh, its just a "browser", not a rich client. I wrote the second Emacs ever: the Lisp machine implementation, whose spec was "do what Stallman's PDP-10 (original) Emacs does", and then progressed from there.There's just a whole LOT of it. Two chapters in particular – “Into the Ground: Lisp” and “Into the Ground: C++” – give an illuminating look into the inner workings of Lucid. That's not a real loss from the productivity standpoint.XULRunner and some OS glue seem to be the only things not written in JavaScript. GNU/Linux. If only they knew how nice is a big black Emacs window maximized in my stumpwm…, Forgive me for this, but I have to do it:VIM FTW!! was badass. At least not on me but in some beta version and then also during some migration from Xfree to Xorgs X11 variant. Its development is currently inactive, with the most recent stable version 21.4.22 released in January 2009 (while a beta was released in 2013), while GNU Emacs has implemented many formerly XEmacs-only features. Is this just a sneaky way of preparing to drive us all to your NBE? XEmacs can generally determine the necessary paths dynamically at run time. Now i can't bring up the editor without 2 GB RAM and a cup of coffee. That would be the main way to make Firefox more emacs-like....with Javascript. Man, it has a lot of bugs. XEmacs is a self-documenting, customizable, extensible, real-time display editor Display: text is visible on the screen and is updated automatically as you type (c.f. BTW: Gerd Moellmann is the main person responsible for dragging Emacs into the 90', he was maintainer and lead programmer for Emacs 21. I do run it for weeks at the time without experiencing crashes. He is correct that C programmers are unable to make this kind of mistake. ^ “XEmacs is Dead. The only thing that every article brags about is 'self-hosting', so please elaborate on how self-hosting environments can actually improve my productivity in comparison with other modern IDEs.Best Regards. Now they have two problems. Thus, blog³ = blog¹ post.Since blog¹ is actually the source of "to blog²", blog³ is a case of re-nominalization of a verbalized noun, with a shift in semantics along the way! I just install everything from Cygwin and type the following to run Emacs: XWin -multiwindow export DISPLAY=:0.0 emacs& It may also help to create a link to your C drive (or any other drive) like so: ln -s /cygdrive/c /c. You already convinced me to switch away from XEmacs a few essays ago, but I haven't gotten around to it yet. A lot of that work ended up in Emacs – the Elisp byte code compiler, for instance, is credited to Jamie Zawinski – but a lot of it, as a result of Richard Stallman’s objections, did not. Sure, it shows that big progress bar in the middle of the screen, so you know it’s not dead, but when you’re used to it being almost instantaneous, coming back to XEmacs is a real shocker. I would love to hear Steve comment on conkeror that was menitoned in a post above. Great post. Nowadays, XEmacs is essentially dead. A nonpartisan account of the state of XEmacs in its twilight. The declarative nature the majority of its customizations means that most TextMate bundles progress at a much faster rate than emacs modes. XEmacs's current semi-dead status is well relfected from its website xemacs.org. My emacs windows are borderless, menuless, toolbarless squares of TEXT (well, on the mac they have a shadow and a menu...). "Customize face: (default all)" Hit the "Enter key" to choose all. 2014年12月1日 閲覧。 ^ “A Comparison of Xemacs and Gnu Emacs”. This was one of the more notorious code forks in the history of free software, probably because it was early and public. firefox with the firemacs add on + conkeror but is also using a window manager configurable in common lisp which he does using slime from emacshttp://bc.tech.coop/blog/index.htmlinteresting setup. ". But I will say, I've never had a problem with XEmacs stability. My Emacs experience has become so limited, i've started using Vim. That version does not compile. It references a post on the XEmacs development that I can’t get at anymore because lists.xemacs.org is dead. So, what is the 'real' benefits of a self-hosting environment like Emacs? 'm pulling a Yegge. GNU Emacs has support for many alphabets, scripts, writing systems, and cultural conventions and provides spell-checking for many languages by calling external programs such as ispell. Making the browser into an HTML editor has been tried before.For that matter, adding elisp scripting has been done several places...metacity (the GNOME window manager) comes to mind. Aren't you using a mac now? It is protected under the GNU Public License and related to other versions of Emacs, in particular GNU Emacs. I am really willing to try to learn it. So the commands can be interpreted as is, and very fast. And here’s one from Richard Stallman (Tue, 23 Jun 92 05:17:33 -0400): There have been communication failures. The “Save Options” menu command automatically modified your init file with thenew settings (and told you so in the echo area, now in the *Messages* bufferif you missed it). You're the man, Stevie. Re: aquamacsI had it for less than 5 minutes on my computer. (by the way, sorry for the off-topic). XEmacs is a highly customizable open source text editor and application development system. The "ex" troglodyte speaks:I don't want an editor to be configurable, extensible, self-hosting, or anything else. Maybe i should get a new 1 MIPS 68K Mac.TECO is a line noise language. 2014年12月1日 閲覧。 ^ “A Comparison of Xemacs and Gnu Emacs”. Modern Emacs has all those things, of course, but Emacs 18 did not. The only path that generally needs to be specified is the root directory to install into. The next time you start Xemacs, the command will take effect. But it has very little indirection, so it can be learned quickly. i almost forgot that....http://fjl.wurzelzwergundmaerchenfee.de/img/euthanize.png. What I mean is, it made sense 20 years ago to have a terminal-non-GUI environment that is in itself almost an operating system.But considering that we now live in a GUI world, be it Macs, Windows and even Linux with Gnome/KDE in spite of its 'terminal' heritage.I don't need and I really don't want to have a text-based web browser within my editor. Just room for text. Thanks for clearing that up for me! The environment was to be based on Emacs, and the commercial product came to be known as Energize. And liking it. XEmacs can take 4 or 5 seconds or longer to fontify a medium-sized source file. From about '79, i've been using flavors of emacs, starting with FINE (Fine Is Not Emacs) and it's bigger brother COURSE. >And you thought I'd given up on controversial blogs. I go back and re-read them every year or so. Like portable dumping and support for background images. And if you're not supposed to use call/cc (Scheme) because the result is unpredictable in time, space and, well, what is it going to do, then you have a language that is recursive, like C is, or at least almost as good. You convinced me to switch about a month ago and it continues to be a mind-blowing experience. It is protected under the GNU Public License and related to other versions of Emacs, in particular GNU Emacs. I suggest you install GNU Emacs instead, which is actively developed. ... From this version onwards I won't be making Eicq available as an XEmacs Package. I suggest that this is set as the default. It is unfortunate, since XEmacs really is ahead of emacs in many technical ways. Alt+x query-replace 【Alt+%】 → interactive find/replace on active region, or cursor point to end. Its emphasis is on modern graphical user interface support and an open software development model, similar to Linux. It's time to end this "CLR is the best multi-language runtime" meme and realize that the JVM is just as good or better, and has had a lot more practice. The FSF sees copyright assignment to the FSF as necessary to allow it to defend the code against GPL violations, while the XEmacs developers have argued that the lack of copyright assignment has allowed major companies to get involved, as so… But it seems to me that a lot of what desktop.el saves is stuff that you tend to set through your .emacs anyway.saveconf.elThanks for all the Emacs articles, by the way. XEmacs is a highly customizable open source text editor and application development system. Long Live XEmacs!”. It does this without performance penalty by not only embedding an interpreter in the editor, but a full compiler, and one that does pretty well in the performance shootouts.I just need to find the time.... We work on XEmacs because it's more fun to work on this code than on other code. You wrote:«I'd also count among their legacies an absolutely outstanding collection of software essays called Patterns of Software, by Lucid's founder, Richard P. Gabriel. XEmacs is much more than just a Text Editor. The Lispworks Lisp product itself is not from Lucid. GNU Emacs has been called "the most powerful text editor available today". And then you just byte compile each directory from the appropriate Emacs variant, and … I did some googling inspired by this post and found the most recent two posts at the following blog very interesting. Other systems, such as Smalltalk and the Lively Kernel, referenced above, share these properties.By the way, I think it is possible for Java to be truly self-hosting. Of course the code is better. I've been using XEmacs for a few years and have not seen any of the instability you're talking about; and I leave XEmacs instance running for a long time. Its scope system make them in many ways more flexible and powerful.The addition of tm_dialog, and built-in WebKit, mean that TextMate can already do some of the things Steve is talking about in this post. I've heard that on the #emacs irc people mention how emacs needs to be rewritten and that emacs as a whole is dying since many users are older users and emacs is picking up newer users slower. It's just the way it is now.So, what is really the point on Emacs? Stack Exchange Network. Perhaps you were always working from the CVS Head? There are some very interesting points in this post--interesting enough that you may have finally tipped me over the edge and convinced me to switch away from vim...to Yi.Yi goes a step beyond Emacs or Firefox in that the entire editor is written in its "scripting language"--not a line of C. (Well, some non-core stuff does link to a few C libraries, such as gtk2, but those libraries could be replaced, though I wouldn't see much point in it.) XEmacs comes with a 500+ page internals manual (Wing, et al., 2004). All things considered, i think he's being somewhat rather rude. > As soon as emacs gets proportional anti-aliased fonts, I'll switch. More like a eulogy than a postmortem. Was it just a “communication failure”, or was it something more sinister? You can't tell by looking. Good job. "Dude, just because you can't figure out how to switch between windows on that weird Mac you picked up, don't make us smoosh all of our apps into one window^W app^W thingy^W whatever. Check out this Energize promotional video from 1993 to get a sense of what that environment was like. There was quite a bit to be said for it. Steve-yegge.blogspot.com. Use the dynamic side enough to find the static side ridiculous. Contains a discussion of some technical differences between Emacs and XEmacs (keymaps, for example, are opaque in XEmacs, but transparent in Emacs). The original EMacs used ITS TECO as it's extension language. Mostly thoughts about programming. That's all there is to it.Time to get back to havin' fun! He keeps a low profile on the net, so he doesn't get the recognition he deserves. This FAQ is freely redistributable. You may have just convinced me to give GNU Emacs another go. That may be all you get.I couldn't tell you which Emacs i have on my Linux box. They're that good.»I'd consider that book one of the worst about computing i've ever read. Also, there may have been some bizzare frame (C-x 5 C-f) behavior. XEmacs was an Emacs fork that was used from 1991/2 until, I don’t know, some time in the 2000s? What we need is hardware accelerated lisp machines, and a complete lisp os. (as another has pointed out in this thread) sorry for this rather negative opinion, but is just my opinion as is. Recently, his last email to me was “please don't be ridiculous”. (If you know the name, you can type the name to just change the one color.) I have written some simple ELISP stuff, and I like LISP, even tho it is difficult to approach sometimes.I find that I spend most of my time in Emacs, and that time is more productive than time I spend in Visual Studio, or any other editor or IDE that I have tried, for that matter.I think without ELISP, Emacs wouldn't be anywhere near as useful.

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