8 litre DH800 Inox Desiccant Dehumidifier DryBoat 8. Mermaid Dry-Pal A marine-rated compressor dehumidifier, the Mermaid Dry-Pal is basically a more simple and rugged version of a home dehumidifier. Home Dehumidifier CD-60L small room dehumidifier. Safe boat dehumidifiers. Inside of the device’s outer plastic shell is a chemical desiccant. Best 2018/19. Check price on Amazon. Dehumidifier Got a friend that uses one on his Catalina all the time with no problems, runs the drain tube into the bilge. That’s why we stock a wide variety of moisture absorbers and dehumidifiers for boats to keep the damp at bay. Unlike domestic dehumidifiers, these models are truly designed to run 247. We've rounded up three top dehumidifiers. This outdoor machine supplies almost 40-meter cube of dry air into each boat every hour. Three years ago I bought a dehumidifier to keep the inside of the boat dry, especially in the winter. But if you're just wanting to dry things up cheaply, and with no rush, a warm air circulator, like the Caframo, can help. Don't let the small size fool you, this powerful yet compact unit sure packs a punch and is suited to boats, caravans, storage rooms and walk-in robes. for bulk order discount: call +971 50 1537113. Designed to dry out areas fast, the Ecor Pro DryBoat® 8 desiccant dehumidifier is ideal for flood and water damaged buildings, boat maintenance, car garages, drying wet plaster or painted rooms, work drying rooms or for keeping items dry in a warehouse storage environment. It has no defrost cycle, but since the owners are live-aboards, this was not an issue. 98 (5,914) ALROCKET Dehumidifier 35oz(1000ml) Small Dehumidifier for 2100 Cubic Feet (260 sq ft) Portable and Compact Ultra Quiet for Home, … Another option is to install passive (nonelectric) vents on hatches or on the hull. A boat dehumidifier is more resistant to corrosion caused by salt and chlorine, so these specialist pieces of kit provide reliable and effective performance. This helps in Relative Humidity to be maintained at 65%. In this article. Boat storage dehumidifier generally used to avoid condensation. Check opening hours here. Keep your boat warm and dry in cold and wet weather, aim to keep out damp & the build up of black mould over the winter months and your boat will feel a lot fresher come the new season. Its sleek compact design features a convenient carry handle that folds down, making the Smart Dry 2 easy to transport. Dehumidify the entire vessel with a household unit. The feet allow the DryBoat units to be secured securely into a cupboard, under seats or used in a removable location to be able to take it home at the end of sailing. Sale! The number one choice for our boat owners is the NWT Compact 12 lire/day Dehumidifier. I've got one of the little West Marine heaters with the antifreeze setting on it that I've been using on my boat for 2 years with no problem. Relative humidity in excess of fifty-five percent can signal trouble. You may also like… Sale! Like dorade boxes, such vents can help but alone are seldom an ideal solution for a boat not used often. A dehumidifier might be the answer to your prayers if your home suffers from damp, condensation and mould. When the… Read More » See Here. Reducing condensation can help significantly, either by warming the boat slightly or by using a dehumidifier. Excess humidity can lead to mold or mildew taking over and the expense of getting rid of those versus a good dehumidifier is tremendous, to say the least. Also used in Catering storage and kitchens. Dry the area thoroughly. A boat dehumidifier might not be the easiest thing to find but it is one that is surprisingly necessary. 0 . See why we came best of all boat dehumidifiers 2018/19 . Boat dehumidifiers that can just be placed in the boat and wet air exhausted. These dehumidifiers are also unaffected by the motion of vessel movement. Boat Dehumidifiers. The dry air leaving the dehumidifier is thus much warmer (by around 10°C) than the air entering. Eva-Dry safe, portable, and compact RV, boat and vehicle dehumidifiers. Unlike the dehumidifiers above, the Caframo works by circulating warm air throughout the cabin. For example, drugs need low humidity storage during transportation. If the container gets cold, then moist air inside cargo can get condensed. It is usually used for hygienic reasons, as too high a humidity results in the formation of mold, which may also pose risks to human health. Watch here and learn more in our classes. A good dehumidifier isn't cheap, so you want to make sure that you are getting one that will help tackle high humidity in your home. For a boat sitting unattended, dorade boxes do not result in enough air exchange by themselves to prevent moisture buildup. The silica gel adsorbs (“adsorb” is the scientific term for the process) moisture from the ambient air. 97 $24.95 $24.95 (11,420) DampRid Pure Linen Refillable Moisture Absorber - 10.5oz cups - 4 pack – Traps Moisture for Fresher, Cleaner Air DampRid $11.98 $ 11. Purpose built boat dehumidifier. This will warm the boat’s interior and help to prevent the domestic fresh water pipes freezing up. Simple and effective, the EcoSeb DD 122 EA has lots of what you’d want in a boat dehumidifier. How it works is fairly simple. Most of the special cargos need low humidity during the transition period. We stand behind the construction of our products and each marine dehumidifier comes with a 5 year warranty.

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