It’s clearly the best miter saw for woodworking by a long-shot unless you want to triple the price and look at commercial solutions. All of this works because of the high clearance provided by the direct-drive motor. Buy this miter saw if your skill level and reputation lean towards high-end work and you can benefit from portability. The 15-amp Ryobi TSS103 miter saw spins the blade at 4,600 RPM and has a 12-inch crosscut capacity. The Bosch T4B miter saw stand makes this less of a chore. The Ridgid R4210 is another candidate for best 10-inch sliding compound miter saw. For all its capacity and size, the tool stays remarkably portable and compares well against its competition. Choose a store for availability. Watch our video demo on this Makita Cordless Mitre Saw here: We continue to deliver UK parcels on a next working day service. The machine has dual-stage dust extraction, positioned behind the fence and behind the blade for maximum efficiency. Around here, we love keeping our miter saws on stands. Fresh off our best 12-inch miter saw reviews article, we wanted to get our readers a more comprehensive guide to the best miter saws…period. Greenworks Chainsaw Reviews 2020 | What to Know Before You Buy! The rail forward design lets you run the saw against a wall in your workshop. The shadow never lies, and you always have an accurate “mark” for your cut. Our team will put our hands on hundreds of additional tools at media events and trade shows throughout the year. One of the cool things spotted at the Makita 100 year anniversary event was a Makita XSL02 36V Cordless 7-1/2 in Sliding Miter Saw. When Metabo HPT (Hitachi) originally designed the C12RSH, they gained a loyal following of woodworkers by offering forward-thinking features. Another thing we really love about some miter saws has to do with up-front controls. This combined expertise resulted in the 18-Volt X2 LXT (36-Volt) Lithium-Ion Brushless 12 in. Though not as refined, we do like the oversized wheels and easily-removable clamping mounts. Bosch still makes this sliding miter saw and its newest models seem to focus on more maneuverable 8.5-inch saws. Makita XSL04PTU 18V x2 LXT Lithium-Ion (36V) Brushless Cordless 10" Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Kit, Aws & Laser (5.0Ah) 4.2 out of 5 stars 5 $919.00 $ 919 . We know personal preferences take a front seat in determining the best circular saw for you, and every Pro is different. Our site uses cookies. DLS211ZU Makita 36V Sliding Compound Mitre Saw Review. Some saws lack any sort of cut line indicator while others use a laser or LED. This 10-1/4 inch miter saw has features you won’t see anywhere else. It also works in broad daylight! Carriers may take up to two days. Granted, that wil… For its size, this saw puts out serious power. It possesses all the features of the cordless Makita XSL07Z except that it uses a cord instead of 36V battery power. Ever check out a “review” site and you can’t tell if they actually tested the tools or if they’re just “recommending” the Amazon top sellers? The risers make an excellent feature for the fact that, if you set it up correctly, you don’t have to hold the end of the board to make sure you have a true cut. The bare tool runs $519 or you can grab it with an AC adapter for $699 and kitted with a 4Ah battery for $599. The type of miter saw you buy also affects portability and functionality simultaneously. You can miter 47° left and right, and a 1-1/4 inch dust port connects to many dust extractors to keep your garage or shop area clean. This saw measures 20-45% less than the competition. The dust extractor automatically runs while the switch is on. Makita is a pioneer in brushless motor engineering, Makita is a pioneer in brushless motor engineering, battery technology, and miter saw innovation. In 2008, Clint founded Pro Tool Reviews followed by the landscape and outdoor power equipment-focused OPE Reviews in 2017. The Bosch T4B Gravity Rise miter saw stand has been our favorite since the first day we used it. No matter what, cordless miter saws cost a lot more than their corded counterparts—often significantly more. The Bosch Axial Glide remains one of the most powerful saws with the absolute best cut quality. This Metabo HPT C3610DRA MultiVolt 10-inch miter saw impressed us to no end. When MasterForce Tools made the change to 20V Max cordless, [...]. As usual, we gathered together some of our Pros to do the testing so we could make some solid recommendations. Every Tool, Every Trade. You also get plenty of power, front bevel controls—and you can cross-cut a 2×16! Tool Review - Makita 36V Cordless Drop Saw - DLS714 - YouTube A cordless miter saw is not for everyone but if you have an open mind and fancy trying something a little different, the Makita is highly unlikely to disappoint. That’s okay! You get integrated “wings” off the table for extended support. We find it hard to overstate the incredible refinement of the Festool Kapex KS 120 REB miter saw. It weighs less than 31 pounds. All saws have their strengths and weaknesses. Makita XSL04PTU 18V x2 LXT Lithium-Ion (36V) Brushless Cordless 10" Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw Kit, Aws & Laser (5.0Ah) 4.1 out of 5 stars 4 $709.73 $ 709 . It comes with a premium price tag, but definitely makes sense for woodworkers and carpenters who really need portability. That means you can use your Systainers as material supports when cutting. Circular & Plunge Cut Saws; Mitre & Slide Compound Saws; Table & Scroll Saws; Recipro Saw; Jigsaws; Drywall Cutting; Diamond Cutting; Metal Cutting; Fibre Cement Cutting; Multi Cutter; Wall Chasers; Chain Mortiser; Power Cutters The Metabo HPT MultiVolt 7-1/4″ dual bevel miter saw is one of the best-built, smoothest, and most accurate miter saws we’ve had the pleasure of testing. That is why we have created this handy Toolstop guide. The Makita 10″ cordless miter saw takes advantage of a laser to mark your cutline or adjust for blade-left/blade-right cutting. The Makita DLS211ZU Cordless Mitre Saw has a 305mm blade diameter which gives this big 31kg machine a maximum cutting capacity of 92mm x 382mm. Overall, we have to say that we were quite pleased with this saw. Since it follows the blade down and hits both sides, it produces an exact shadow line where the blade cuts the wood. If you’re serious about your woodworking, buy it for $1500. The Delta Cruzer miter saw uses “robot” guide arms similar to the Bosch Glide Miter saws. While cordless tools may rule the roost in many circles, miter saws largely remain popular as corded solutions. Choosing the best miter saw means looking at performance & power, cut quality, accuracy, features, and value. However, for most trim and finish carpentry use, we recommend going with an upgraded miter saw blade. For the occasional users, this gets our nod as the best budget miter saw for homeowners. Makita Slide Compound Mitre Saw 5Ah Kit 18 Volt x 2 305mm. The end result is information you can trust because of the editorial, scientific, and real-world professional experience we collectively utilize each and every time we pick up and test a tool. If you want to know how to change a drill chuck, to be precise how to change the chuck on an sds drill, follow the given steps to be able to do so with ease. *we consider these “nice-to-have features but certainly not requirements. For starters, it doesn’t feel like you’re cutting with a cordless miter saw. Believe it or not, the newest cordless miter saws are matching their corded counterparts in power. This website uses cookies to improve your experience while you navigate through the website. We dub the Metabo HPT C12RSH2 (formerly the Hitachi C12RSH2) the best miter saw for the money and also our best budget miter saw for Pros. It still beats nearly every other saw we’ve used for tall standing crown cuts and vertical base clearance. Would love your thoughts, please comment. This week saw the reveal of the Makita XGT 40V Max line of cordless power tools. There are systems both with and without rails that don’t require any part of the saw to extend behind it as you slide the blade. If you see a best miter saw recommendation here, it means we really do recommend it. And, of course, for the maximum portability, some forgo a stand altogether. The power for the Makita DLS211ZU cordless compound mitre saw is supplied by 2 x 18V batteries in series which gives the user AC levels of cutting ability where mains electricity is not available. There’s one key thing to note about Pro Tool Reviews: We’re all about the professional tool user and tradesman! Thanks. Makita is a pioneer in brushless motor engineering, battery technology, and miter saw innovation and has combined this expertise in the 18V X2 LXT (36V) Lithium-Ion Brushless 10" Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw. And...we'll even send you our "Best Tools for Your Hard-earned Dollars" white paper! Across the board, belt drive saws cut more smoothly in terms of how they feel. We actually wrote a very comprehensive guide on what to look for when buying a miter saw. It was very hard not to give the Makita XSL08PT the #1 overall spot in our best miter saw reviews article, even over corded models. | Video, Makita 18V Mid-Torque Impact Wrenches | XWT17 and XWT18, Skil Black Friday Deals for 2020 are Amazing, Acme Tools Black Friday Deals and Cyber Monday Deals for 2020, Worx 20V Cordless Orbital Buffer and Polisher WX856L, Hart 20V Inflators for High Pressure and Volume. It will, however, give you the ability to tackle DIY projects without fail. It’s all about giving you a legitimate recommendation and our honest opinion of each product. This powerful, accurate saw easily moves around the job site. We loved plugging it in at the shop and then using the 36V battery pack for the job site. If you need to load and unload into a smaller space, you may find that a smaller saw that removes easily from the stand works even better. These cookies do not store any personal information. Copyright ©2008-2020 CD Media, Inc. All rights reserved. Or Makita LS1019L 10″ Dual-Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw With Laser. The Makita DLS211ZU Cordless Mitre Saw has a 305mm blade diameter which gives this big 31kg machine a maximum cutting capacity of 92mm x 382mm. All of the slide, bevel, and miter adjustments work smoothly. It's powered by two 18V Lithium-Ion batteries for 36V power and performance, but without leaving the 18V LXT® platform. This 10-inch single bevel miter saw offers up to 4-1/2 inches of vertical crown or base clearance. While we can’t say for certain that either of these technologies always beats the others, one thing stands out. We really can’t neglect to mention the Ridgid AC9946. The Makita miter saw … As an Amazon Associate, we may earn income when you click on an Amazon link. Unlike your kid’s Little League team, not everybody gets a trophy. Essentially, the DeWalt FlexVolt 120V Max Sliding Miter Saw is built on the flagship DWS780 platform. This miter saw has tons of clearance and keeps you in front of it for all adjustments and cutting. SUPPORT OUR ADVERTISERSgoogletag.cmd.push(function() { googletag.display('div-gpt-ad-1389975325257-0'); }); Blade Recommendation: If you only plan to cut lumber, the stock blade might be fine. Join our newsletter and get the latest tool reviews every week! HiKOKI Brushless Compound Mitre Saw Kit 36 Volt 255mm. Makita is a pioneer in brushless motor engineering, battery technology, and miter saw innovation and has combined this expertise in the 18V X2 (36V) LXT® Lithium-Ion Brushless 10" Dual Bevel Sliding Compound Miter Saw.

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