Intelligence 4 4. An earthquake-damaged home stands at the edge of a cliff in Christchurch The earthquake struck on 22 February 2011. Scope of Project Following the major earthquake on 22nd February 2011, Christchurch was in a State of Emergency, with urgent works required throughout the city. Pete Seager and Deb Donnell, Responders: the New Zealand volunteer response teams, Christchurch earthquake deployments, Keswin Publishing, Christchurch, 2013. I mean the human magnitude – not the geological one. They've spent the day hiking and undertaking first aid emergency response training up the foothills of North Canterbury. The Situation. New Zealand earthquake: Two dead following powerful tremor – includes photos of the damage and maps, BBC. Mark Mitchell—New Zealand Herald/AP. Initial earthquake damage and response. It was solely responsible for managing the rebuild. Emergency care response . It focuses on the contribution of the New Zealand volunteer response teams in the days and weeks that followed the Christchurch Earthquakes. Christchurch Earthquake Response, Public Information Structure as at mid March-2011. The Kobe Earthquake 1995; The 1999 Turkish Earthquake; Earthquakes in California; Gujarat Earthquake 2001; L’Aquila Earthquake 2009; Haiti Earthquake 2010; Japan Earthquake 2011; Christchurch Earthquake Case … These documents relate to the independent review initiated by the Ministry of Civil Defence & Emergency Management after the 22 February 2011 Christchurch earthquake. Google Scholar. What factors influence the effects and response to tectonic activity? Christchurch than the Darfield earthquake, and was much therefore more damaging than the Darfield earthquake. It has been five years since a major earthquake hit the New Zealand city of Christchurch, but thousands of residents are still waiting for their homes to be repaired or rebuilt, writes Michael Ertl. Multiple buildings collapsed, and the city was impacted by burst water mains, flooding, liquefaction and power outages. Despite the magnitude of the earthquake … A payment of nearly $31 million for civil defence emergency response costs related to the Canterbury earthquakes has been paid to the Christchurch City Council, Civil Defence Minister Nikki Kaye says. Time-lapse visualisations of the February 22 2011 and September 4 2010 earthquakes and their aftershocks can also be viewed. The Christchurch earthquake response network, EQRNet, has taken top honours at the IDC Smart City Asia/Pacific Awards. Public Health Response to the February 22 Christchurch Earthquake Progress Report Rebecca Dell Public Health Medicine Registrar Daniel Williams Medical Officer of Health, Incident Controller 30 March 2011 . The hospital activated its well developed and practised internal and external incident plans and other non-acute hospitals and primary care facilities responded. Review of the Civil Defence Emergency Management Response to the 22 February Christchurch Earthquake. Rescue teams at the Christchurch CTV building site - Credit: MailOnline . In addition, many questions that used qualitative response formats in McClure et al.’s study were replaced by quantitative response formats, based on the responses to the earlier study. Liaison 7 6. New Zealanders are becoming aware of the magnitude of the earthquake that hit Christchurch last Tuesday. The potential contribution of cultural groups to emergency response initiatives was highlighted in the formation and operation of Māori Recovery Network following the February 22, 2011 Christchurch earthquake. Communications 6 5. EQRNet is a dense network of seismic sensors across the city which measures earthquake intensity and delivers immediate information on the likely building and infrastructure response. 300 Australian police were flown in The police provided security cordons, organised evacuations, supported search and rescue teams, missing persons and family liaison, and organised media briefings and tours of the … The hospital activated its well developed and practised internal and external incident plans and other non-acute hospitals and primary care facilities responded. The port was damaged, and many roads cracked. This Blog will tell just some of … Janet K. Spittlehouse, Peter R. Joyce, Esther Vierck, Philip J. Schluter and John F. Pearson, ‘Ongoing adverse mental health impact of the earthquake sequence in Christchurch, New Zealand’, Australian & New Zealand Journal … A member of the public is stopped at a cordon in Lyttleton as as part of the disaster recovery of the Christchurch Earthquake on 23 Feb 2011.

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