Affiliate Disclaimer and Earnings Disclaimer, Rockinger Black Box Tremolo Stabilizer Review, Dual single-coil Telecaster pickups with three-way switching, 22-fret rosewood fingerboard on a  “C”-shaped profile  Maple neck and, Strings-thru-bodyTelecaster bridge with block saddles, Parts availability for upgrades and repairs. All of these problems can and should be fixed by a good guitar tech if you can’t do the work yourself. Thanks for sharing that story, Mark! Love it! Shares. Squier Standard Telecaster deals. Updated September 23, 2019 By Den Leave a Comment The Squier Standard Telecaster is the top of the line among the Squier Series Telecaster. The neck and fretboard are straight, and all electronic functions work. Squier is also a great choice for the hobbyist who loves to play music but doesn't have the time or money to devote full time; especially someone who has to work long hours to keep the kids fed and clothed. I bought this guitar at a time in my life when I needed another guitar like I needed a bullet in my head haha, but this guitar looked and sounded too good to walk away from. It was in a run of 200 guitars for 2014 and I assume the same in 2016. Another reason Squier guitars are so popular is the Fender name. Guitar Gopher (author) on January 21, 2020: @Zimm - I have a Fender VM Jazz myself. Squier is the same. Some Squiers transcend their name and have started to forge a new legacy for the brand over the past several years. I really like the relatively unfinished maple neck. Part of that is the humbuckers and or single coil sound. Other advanced players dismiss them as beneath them. You have a few more options though. I ordered it from Sweetwater, the only time I had ever ordered a guitar without playing it. Is it better than a discount local store Tele knock off? I could be totally wrong but just my observation. And because my buddy purchased an expensive model it was more than adequate. Squier has lowered the Cabronita’s tone with a 27” scale length, as well as the same Alnico single coils that appear on its non-baritone sibling. Try before you buy! You won't regret becoming a Fender junkie for the rest of your life, that's for sure. Body sizes and styles will vary slightly, not only between Squier and Fender, but also between Fender instruments from different eras. It's a killer by any standard. With a price point at $449.99, the Squier by Fender Classic Vibe '70s Telecaster Custom MN 3TS is a good choice. Maybe you've heard both sides of the story, and your biggest question is simply: Are Squier guitars any good? The best Squier guitars are in the Contemporary, Classic Vibe, and Artists Series. Since they don't make them anymore, you'll have to go for used and look around for a while to find a cheap one. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Squier by Fender Jim Root Telecaster Electric Guitar - Black - Rosewood Fingerboard at It isn’t top shelf by any interpretation, but for the price at which you can acquire one of them, I say go for it. I have been playing guitar on and off for years but haven’t practiced regularly until recently. Guitars in the Classic Vibe and Contemporary Series are some of the best electric guitars under $500 you are going to find. But we're talking about 80's production, nothing newer in Squier land. I myself started off with a squire. One of the few differences in materials between the two is the use of maple for the fretboard on the Telecaster instead of rosewood. Squier Standard Telecaster Review. I have a squier thin line 72 modified tele and it is pretty damned close to the real deal I like mine tho to be honest nothing yet beats my Gretsch, I have been playing for 24 years now and I went and traded a Zgretsch I had 2655 tg jr streamliner for a vintage 72 telecaster and I must say it is real Close to the real deal sounds good feels good now to add I as Lao for the trade got a Ibanez acoustic that plays better than I thought it would but that tele is amazing for a squier. This affordable Fender Squier Tele is a combination of build quality, solid build, and sound. No fret sprouts, and filed very smooth. In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the Fender Squier Classic Vibe 50’s Telecaster to find out whether it’s a yes for you in particular. 10 out of 10 would I recommend it to a person just starting guitar. So Squier Standard Telecaster, while being a cheaper option, tends to get more favorable ⭐ reviews than the $200 Squier FSR Bullet Telecaster, as seen on the chart below. The Squier Telecaster Custom’s unique blend of Features. Bought her a new squier P-Bass for $79 . 40+ veteran guitar player. The only thing I've done to improve on it is to clean up the fret ends and polish the frets. In my opinion, Squier starter kits are a smart way for beginners to get into the guitar without spending a lot of money. So as far as a squire goes they need a little adjusting when you get them home but they really are not bad guitars at all. Quality may vary, but if you get a good one, they are well worth the money!! They are perfect for a beginner. (I did add 2 springs and blocked the trem because my daughter doesnt need a trem). There certainly weren't levels of Squier as there are now. What is is? As the review stated, the pups and electronics were quite weak, but I had a SD Hotrail for the bridge lying around so I threw it in. This reading this made me so confident about what im buying. I've been at this game for over 40 years. Inspect the neck alignment, the fretwork, and the electronics to make sure everything has been assembled correctly. And your right, it cannot. The decision to choose a Squier should be made with a total understanding of what you are getting. Ahh, the mighty Telecaster. I found the fit and finish to be on par with anything else Fender has produced but...the electronics and tuners are not great so I swapped them out. Fender guitars have a scale length of 25.5 inches, and their basses a scale length of 34 inches. They're worth a look for a veteran player who wants to expand his collection, a beginner with a few extra dollars in his pocket, or a player looking to make the jump from a less expensive Squier. Not sure I agree about comparably priced Epiphones being better than Squier, especially the VM and CV series, but they are definitely among the top options for beginning guitar players. That is the Squier Classic Vibe 50s Telecaster. And, it goes without saying that it has the classic Tele shape! I like the new Deluxe Tele Thin line but at a cost of $1899.00 it's way out of my budget. It's also the heaviest Tele I have. Squier are good all the way through. I currently play a 5 string & wanted a 4 for small venue/open mics. By the time we're done, you'll have a better idea of what these guitars can do for you, and whether they are a good fit for your budget and skill level. The tuners on this Affinity are quite decent. I tried a Godin don't like Im gonna sell it and buy a classic vibe. Definently the mist favorite guitar in my collection, because of the countless hours of perfection that I achieved on it. All I had to do was adjust one string to alleviate a slight fret buzz and that's it. Choose your guitar wisely. I needed a slimmer neck profile and narrower nut. Lately I've been trying to find the best gear to get high quality music and podcasts produced without paying professional equipment prices. I have to say when i was younger i always wanted to have dream guitar with a leather pickguard and other stuff. I rosewood, ebony or pao ferro on most of my guitars so I wanted a maple neck but didn't want to sink $2k on another guitar in the middle of quarantine during the pandemic. I have been a musician for 40 years and would recommend a squire to everyone, with the exception of those who are close minded and stoneheaded. The Squier reputation varies, and people seem to either love them or hate them. Being a bit OCd and always putting my gear away when finished which means back in the case I found myself grabbing the P-bass when at home as it sounded and played every bit as good as my vintage fender with a lot easier access, my first electric guitar I bought in 2000 was a Squier cream strat, MIJ 1983. I'm a pro player and enjoy my squire very much. I bought one and have to say, great guitar unbelievable for this price( used for 300 eur). Telecaster, or Gibson or Kramer. Very usefull article, im a beginner and im getting my first Squier tomorrow. I am totally sold on the Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe lines as they are the best bang for the buck I have seen. I have played guitar for over two years. I agree about the MIJ quality. These guitars might cost less, but they're every bit a Fender. I have still my first electric guitar- a cream fender squier telecaster, other than lowering the action nothing else was needed, still love this guitar, only my Martin acoustic holds a higher love!! Comparing Squier to Fender isn’t realistic, and you would only be setting yourself up for disappointment. The Affinity Telecaster, like the Strat, is made with an Alder body and a maple neck. It just seems to me that Les Paul styles are better for chunky banging out distorted chords (ala Guns and Roses sound, etc) chords and Fenders (strats, teles, etc) are better for jangly, clean bluesy or biting sounds. I play a little bass myself and grabbed a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz a couple of years ago. It has damn near the same action and playability as my strat had. Squier Paranormal Jazz Bass ’54 - $399 I had tried these out in the store and knew what I was buying for $240. I immediately ordered a high quality control plate switch and potentiometer upgrade with treble bleed circuit and a set of Vintage Fender Telecaster pickups (reissue of first generation Fender Tele PUPs). Sometimes, but this is usually due to bad setups, and inexperienced players who do not know how to work on a guitar. Personally, I consider many Squier models among the best electric guitars for beginners. When Ibanez and Peavey and Yamaha amongst a slew of others came out i wasnt impressed. I couldn’t be happier with it. If you have ever wanted or tried to invent a sound of your own you know you wear kids gloves when performing surgery on your baby. Our Verdict. I will also say, I have played many American and Mexican Strats, etc. Jeff Healey played a Squier ... nuff said. Fender’s pickups, hardware, electronics, and woods are all of higher quality than what you see on Squier Strats. Good point, Cal. I really like the squire as well and will not ever sell it.. While the Squier doesn’t sound as nice as a Strat or any other guitar of its caliber, I find the sound to not be abhorrently far off. Squiers are meant to be inexpensive guitars for beginning players, and they are very good at exactly that. And you can open it over and over without consequences of opening you number one again and again. and you can barely tell a difference between the classic vibe and those (but I am not a touring musician anymore so longevity doesn't affect me as much). been playing guitar 44 years including Gillies nashville concerts with Marty Haggard / Joe Stamply have played all the top name guitars and at this time I play A squire ssh model telecaster wouldn't trade it for an American telecaster I Love the Sound /Feel and quality of the guitar. I have been playing a Fender Squier regularly for a few months now. I believe my guitar will be very useful and much better after all this, and a fresh set of strings. Log in. Really impressed. However, if you are on a tight budget I think it is a good idea to take a close look, especially at the Classic Vibe Series Strats. As for me, I think they're close, but it's still tough to beat a real Fender, even the Standards. The action is very nice, and since it has only 21 frets, the upper fret spacing is bigger, making the notes easier to play. But I'd have to have an incentive to take out the vintage Fender pickups first. The neck is quite thin and may not be for everyone, but I have to give the Affinity two thumbs up. A well-built, gig-ready instrument. Color me, happy that Fender came up with a way that both my pocket book and my back could allow me to return to the bass guitar in my retirement. Great guitars and would definitely recommend them!! However, both brands have smaller instruments in their lineups, such as the Squier Bronco bass which has a scale length of 30 inches, and the Fender Jaguar guitar which has a scale length of 24 inches. I imagine I will buy other PUPs by Fender, Seymour Duncan or other to turn it into a chameleon. I wouldn't dream of giving up mu SQ series Squier, 1983-84 but I don't think they were positioned in the market place asvthey are now. Read honest and unbiased product reviews … I don't make my living playing music but music is my life. There may be issues with the fretboard shrinkage or expansion, causing the frets to appear uneven and pokey. The key questions someone in my position has to ask are: Is the Fender name on headstock important? Do I plan to mod the guitar or expect it to sound right straight out of the box? I have always been strictly an american guitar player. you can't beat Squier. I'm no Mark King but I would recommend it to anyone. (Simple, right?) Fender covers most genres though. In the case of this '70s Telecaster Deluxe, you also get a lovely big slice of vintage cool on the side. Some of them, but this isn't a bad thing, depending on your goals and skill level. Alternatively, you can find the same old Japanese "Squier" which are also excellent quality. I don't know why u class the standards with the affinitys and bullets, not at all the same,the modern standards have the same body thickness as the fender, a 22 fret neck, better electronics, I luv them. The Squier Telecaster Custom blends modern and vintage features into a package perfectly suited to my playing style and tone needs. It’s a better construction overall than the Affinity Squier series, and it has better pickups as well. If you have around $200 to spend, Squier is one of your best bets and will provide excellent value for your money. Once I adjusted the truss rod and saddles, the intonation was spot on. And After playing for years with an Ampeg BT 15-D I am shocked at the volume and sound quality that my Fender 15 watt bass amp with an 8" speaker produces. I play a Squier Affinity I bought used. Thanks for sharing your experience! I've been playing 12 years and I just started a new hunt for a 2nd hand one. The neck was very straight, fretwork was much better than I expected. I don’t know what it is about these guitars but I find myself getting my tuner out every 4th or 5th tuning session, which I haven’t had to do with any other of my guitars. I am playing 40+ years acoustic and electrics, Own high quality(Martin, Taylor and Lowden) Acoustics and own MIJ Squier Strat, MIM Fender Strat and USA Strat. But for me the range of tones are spot on. These are some of the top electric guitars for intermediate players. The neck profile on these are typically a bound neck which has a totally different feel to me than the typical clean Fender neck. Owned and settled on the precision back in the late sixties as the best onstage bass due to solid sound and simple controls. The guitar doesn’t become significantly out of tune, but one or two of the strings will become slightly off. Further on in life my daughter wanted to take up Bass but was not going to take my vintage ax out of the house. This guitar is patterned after the Fender Telecasters but in a lower price with lower specifications. I bought one and I was so impressed I bought three more! Yes, please. Without the Telecaster’s original creation years ago, your favorite electric guitar may not have ever existed… While other guitar manufacturers had been mass-producing instruments since the early 1900s, the Telecaster electric guitar was: 1. the first mass-produced solid-body electric guitar, 2. the first mass-produced gui… plus it sounds BETTER than the Fender precision ever did. Latest Deals on Squier Classic Vibe 50s Telecaster … Beginners can get an Affinity Series Squier for about $200. This month the saddle, which is mounted with clearance to the guitar body, dropped at one end and now strings 1 to 3 are touching the frets. Guitar Gopher is a guitarist and bassist with over 35 years of experience as a musician. Based upon his experience he says it holds its own against a Fender Standard and that the main difference is not in its tone or in the feeling it gives its player, but in the name branded on its headstock. Let’s get started. The weights of the instruments vary, depending on the wood used and the routing of the guitar, and the contours of the body may differ slightly when comparing different eras. Hi, I see this article is a few years old. For one, they are inexpensive instruments, with many models costing under $200. If you buy one and mess with it a little i think you will be surprised. I like it so much I am thinking of buying some more Squier by Fender gear such as bass or a strat. I bought a Classic Vibe Tele 5 years ago and my biggest GAS regret was selling it 2 years later; now they're ~£100 more expensive new. If you're buying in person, it’s important to check out many instruments before you decide on one. Some of them, but this isn't a bad thing, depending on your goals and skill level. and for the price i would buy 3 or 4 right now. Your operation will go faster because you dont have to be so delicate. You've most likely heard them all already, so here are the issues one by one. Often it is not a fault of the guitar itself. I'm seriously considering buying her another guitar and upgrading the electronics in this one and keeping it for myself. Because Squier is owned by Fender, it is allowed to produce the Fender trademarked guitar styles—the Stratocaster and Telecaster, for example—but the cheaper versions of them. There are a bunch of Squier guitars that, when put together with a small-wattage practice amp, make in an inexpensive first rig for a beginning guitarist for around $300. That is a little expensive for a Squier. The Classic Vibe and Vintage Modified series guitars have gained a well-deserved reputation as great instruments. For the average beginner who is interested in a Squier, none of this should be of concern. The bass player of my band bought a Squier Vintage Modified Jazz Bazz as a backup. Unfair? While Squier and Fender are not the same, they are brands within the same company. Good article. It sort of depends upon what you are looking for and what type of music and guitar style you like (assuming you want affordable). A Squier made today is designed to be an affordable alternative to Fender, and so will be almost identical at first glance. You can get a real Strat or Tele for a fraction of the price of a Fender. After stretching the strings, it stays in tune surprisingly well. The famous guitar that catalyzed the electric guitar industry to become what it is today. Always cool to hear from veteran players who have good things to say about Squier. If you are just starting out you are smart to check out some of the best Squier guitars for beginners. I cannot give anything more exact than that because I don't actually remember when I started. It is very well made and looks superb in black. Neck shapes vary. Do I care about resale value? I bought it with the hopes of turning it into a strat. Bought a Squiers Jaguar last month. If you're looking for a good beginner guitar, you will find that Epiphone, for instance, offers much, much better quality for the same price. At $240 Aug 2020 price for the Squier Affinity Telecaster the answer is no. My two personal guitars are MIA strat and PRS S2 Standard. In my case, modding was always the plan and half the fun. Is the Squier Affinity Series Telecaster Any Good? (I always felt insecure leaving that Gibson anywhere i couldn't be within arms reach of her and no one can call me any name i have not already called myself and still do 20 years later believe me. Maybe not, but if you take good care of yours it certainly could. When I unpacked the guitar I gave it a thorough inspection. The intonation was spot on (and continues to be spot on) straight out of the box. The Classic Vibe and Contemporary lines are fine extensions of the Squier brand, providing options for more experienced players while still remaining affordable. Epiphone, however, is the Gibson low-cost alternative. Unfortunately, they can be tough for newbies to hunt down and they may not feel confident buying a used guitar. It makes me playful and wanting to play loud. Unfortunately, quality control is something to watch out for with any guitar in this price range, and this means it's important to buy from a retailer, either online or locally, with a good return policy. I can't help notice that the loudest complaints often seem to come from those who aren't really sure what they are talking about. For the money, Squier guitars sound just fine. I do agree that the Squier Classic Vibe Series are outstanding instruments though! Since Squier is owned by Fender, arguably the most successful guitar company in the world, you know when you get a Squier it is something more than an average beginner's guitar. Squier is better than Fender for beginners and guitarists on a tight budget. Gretsch guitars are not owned by Fender. Squier guitars are low-budget instruments intended for newbies who have never touched a guitar before. I purchased a Squier Affinity combo pack for my daughter. Squier guitars and basses are among the most popular instruments sold online and in guitar shops around the world. The action may need to be adjusted to make the guitar is easier to play. The bolt-on maple neck has the traditional Fender C sh… I find the sound of more traditionally configured Tele to be an inspiration. Cons The resolutely modern Telecaster feel isn't to everyone's taste. You should do this on any guitar you purchase, but inexpensive guitars, in particular, can exhibit minor issues. Fender's marketing has become more sophisticated. Squier guitars range in price from around $180 for the Bullet Series Stratocasters and Telecasters up to around $500 for Artist Series, Classic Vibe Series, and Contemporary Series instruments. I purchased mine six months ago for the hell of it off the internet from a local resident for $50 dollars. Just recently got curious for the CV 60's Strat reading the reviews. This puts these classic designs in the hands of new musicians who otherwise couldn't justify spending the money. That's after years of playing Fenders, Warwicks, Spectors, etc. No one seems to know the real numbers? Squier pickups are a little weaker, and the body materials used do not allow for the richness of tone found in Fenders. That’s Fender. I can't say I agree about Epi. Are Squier guitars worth it? I'm probably going to end up replacing the tuning machines. I just treated it in 2018 to a professional set up and the luthier remarked what a great guitar it is regardless of what it's compared to. I just loved the styling initially but when it was delivered it was even more exciting than I had imagined. Just starting the warranty claim process. Pros Great value. Guitar Gopher (author) on February 14, 2018: Thanks Nicholas! Or, just as often you'll hear it from guitar players who don't know any better but heard it from someone else. My Squier Strat (from a package) was a great guitar with an really good neck pickup. But if you're considering a Squier you're probably new to the guitar. The Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster – Squier Classic Vibe Series review September 1, 2020 March 21, 2020 by Beginner Guitar HQ Staff Both Squier and Fender produce the Classic Vibe series, a very popular lineup of bass and electric guitars conserving the vintage feel, look and sounds of … Guitar Gopher (author) on October 13, 2015: Some great points Tricko. They are affordable, provide value, and serve as a great starting point for the career of a new guitarist. I've played guitar for over 35 years, and I've probably heard it all when it comes to Squier criticisms. And, yes, they are Squiers. I’m 18 and my dad bought it for me from a co-worker a few years ago for $40 with a case and the matching amp. No intention to trash Squier here, though. It has the look and features reminiscent of the early days of the instrument when players like Hendrix and Clapton were making their mark. The body is made of Agathis which is a cheaper alternative to Alder which is standard among Fender guitars. If they do, I will only be out a $200 instead of $1,000. I mentioned my interest in the Squier Affinity Tele in Red and my significant other bought it for me. Made in China, typical configuration of the Telecaster, the body is Agathis, key in rosewood, two microphones simple easel … The latter is the same guitar the Squier '72 is based on. So, I totally know what you mean! You made a smart choice. Squier Standard Telecaster review. I have to say squier are good as the more expensive ones. No worries if they get wrecked, damaged or stolen. Some experienced guitarists say they are the best deals in the guitar world. It's only been a couple of weeks since it arrived but it's the only electric I've played since it arrived. It wasnt an inexpensive beginner model as it now goes for $800 to 1100 on the secondary market. Fender makes affordable versions of their Stratocaster, Telecaster, Jaguar, Jazzmaster, Jazz Bass and Precision Bass under the Squier brand. Squier fills a big need and provides an intro to playing guitar for many players. A friend bought a Ibanez (forget which model) and he let me play it. This Classic Vibe Telecaster is one of those. I'm 58 now with arthritis so the small neck was something that appealed to me. Squier Vintage Modified and Classic Vibe are truly amazing instruments for the $. I had used it for about three years before getting a new stratocaster. Sustain is little weaker though. Read user reviews for Squier John 5 J5 Telecaster Electric Guitar and see over 325,000 product reviews at My Squirer Affinity Precision Bass is quite satisfactory, even compared to my previous basses, a '67 Mustang Bass hand selected for me and a '67 Gibson EB-O with Guild Tape Wound Strings (both of these had string dampers installed). I wish i hadnt sold her because i truly loved that guitar. It felt good, sounded resonant unplugged, was well made and the action was creamy. You don't have to hunt down each individual piece of gear - everything comes in one box. Squier guitars are affordable instruments, and they use budget components where Fenders feature premium components. yes I like the Squire, especially the mini Squier that I bought for my son when he turned 10. he still has it 9 years later and the guitar still jams, especially for a starter guitar. These are low-budget instruments that sacrifice a little sound to keep costs affordable. On top of that, it's fairly safe to say that Squier Standard Telecaster is a more popular electric guitar, based on its 200+ reviews. Squier Affinity Telecaster Review. Good stuff, jazzalta! Other brands owned by Fender include Jackson, Charvel, and Bigsby. If you are a heavy metal shedder type, you probably want to look at LTD, Schecter, Jackson, etc. I think Fender is involved with the marketing but they don't own them. With the updated control plates and input jack and the Fender vintage PUPs it sounds like a Tele should. Had to sell but would like to find another. I'm a longtime player who has played for something like 50 years. There is nothing wrong with Squier by Fender guitars, as long as you understand what they are. I have been playing bass for many years. It has everything a beginner needs in a guitar and a pro’s playing partner in case he gets bored with all the complicated stuff. And having a 19 pound amp beats trying to carry two 50 pound Ampeg cabinets. If you decide to buy online be sure to go through a reputable source with a good return policy. I think Squiers are among the best guitars for beginners.

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