It’s no surprise that most Kai blades are known for their rust resistance, especially since they use a cobalt steel alloy blend with a Rockwell hardness rating of between 61 and 62, on average. The Best Bushcraft Knife Under $100 [2020], 3 Best Hog Hunting Knives: 2020 Picks For Hunting Wild Boar, The Best Chef Knife Under $100: 6 Top Picks For 2020, 15 Best Japanese Knives For All Budgets In 2020, 11 Best Knife Oils For Folding Knives, Japanese Knives & More [2020], 13 Best Pocket Knives for Women (EDC & Self Defense) – Buying Guide & Reviews. Maybe this is because of their long history; they’ve had over 100 years to perfect their art. Although we generally prefer knives with bolsters, we appreciate the chance to use the entire cutting edge. by Kai… While I still maintain that most people, at least for use at home, will be perfectly well off with the Classic 8-Inch Chef’s Knife, you can take it one step further with this premier option. Of course, this is a subjective component as no two hands are alike. You can shop online today for Japanese style kitchen knife sets like KAI Komachi Series knives, KAI Luna knives and the famous KAI Wasabi Series. We at WASABI Knives highly value the art of handcrafting as well as the beauty and sharpeness of knives which are made of Damascus steel. Kai Wasabi Black Santoku Knife, 6-1/2-Inch This is on the cheaper end of Kai’s range, and once again, it comes with a huge raving fan-base. The Wasabi line of knives features traditional Japanese blade styling. Then, the edges of that punchout are sharpened and placed on a handle. There’s stainless steel bolster and end-cap for improved overall balance. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. KAI Housewares. Fun fact: the company, Kai, were founded in 1908 in a Japanese city called Seki. The unique hammered finish does not only make the knife look beautiful, but it’s also highly functional. Of course, their products are the perfect manifestations of that classic Japanese brand of attention to detail and craftsmanship. The polished blades of the Wasabi Black Series are made of newly developed corrosion-resistant 6A/1K6 steel with a hardness value of 56 (±1) HRC. These days, they’re one of the largest knife manufacturers worldwide and produce several other types of household products alongside kitchen blades. The Wasabi Black line of knives by Kai consists of 17 shapes. I also have an older Kai cleaver which is a lighter duty piece. They tend to be of higher quality and also are more expensive than stamped knives. With a price so low, we wondered what the catch is. This is on the cheaper end of Kai’s range, and once again, it comes with a huge raving fan-base. The enormous fan-base this knife has will tell you that it’s worth every penny. The blade itself is decorated with the beautiful Damascus pattern inspired from traditional Japanese sword-design techniques. Handling slicing, dicing, and basically every task related to prepping with ease, the knife is as versatile as they come. If you’re reading this, I can imagine you’re a fellow cooking enthusiast. But, AUS grade steels, like the one in question, have vanadium alloyed therefore increase these properties. The extensive range offers both double-edged blade shapes, as well as traditional Japanese single-edged blade shapes. You always want to make sure that you are investing in something that will last you a long time. Shun Pro 6.5 in Deba Review and Breaking Down a Chicken - Duration: 10:14. Coming from the same bloodline as its 8” and 10” Pro brothers, the knife certainly descended from royalty. MPN: 6721Y They also come in different shapes and sizes. Are Shun knives really worth the price. This particular 6.5-inch model stands out due to its mirror polished upper blade and grazed finish on the bottom. Click here to go back up and get a rough idea as to how much some of these Kai knives cost. The caveat being that, since it’s on the thinner side, I’d avoid tough stuff: root vegetables, frozen foods, bones. This is a pure and ancient artform that not many cultures of the world still practice. With its scalloped designs, your slicing experience is made easier as this prevents anything from sticking to the blade. Kai USA Wasabi Nakiri Knife Black. The knife is made from Daido 1K6 steel, newly developed chromium-rich steel. This is also partly because of the hammered finish. Here is the top rated choice of other customers purchasing items related to kai wasabi bread knife. Manufacturer Name: TradaFor | Dimensions: 12.3 x 0.8 x 2.1 inches | Item … Kai knives are arguably some of the best Japanese knives around. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Wasabi Black 6.5" Nakiri Knife at Disclaimer: As an Amazon Associate, I earn from qualifying purchases. The JapanBargain S-1553 Knife has a blade length of nine and 1/8 inches, and it comes equipped with a 14-inch wooden handle. J.R Cutlery Reviews 19,878 views. As expected, the Kai Pro 8” chef’s knife comes with a full-tang construction. Fortunately, the Kai catalogue has something for just about everyone. From garnishing vegetables to coring and peeling fruits, the Kai Wasabi Paring Knife excels at virtually any food preparation task that requires precise, detailed cuts. For those who are used to working with bigger knives, the Kai Pro 10” chef’s knife might just be the best choice. As you know by now, chef’s knives are our favorite, so to kick start this list, we chose the Kai Wasabi Black 8” chef’s knife. Since Kai has been in the business for so long, they have practically perfected the art of crafting quality pieces that are built to last for generations. It also has increased carbon content for better edge retention. Today, Seki Magoroku knives are the perfect combo of ancient Japanese sword making techniques and new technologies. Full-tang design also assures that your knife won’t break regardless of the pressure you put on the handle when chopping. Durability is always a big factor when it comes to any kind of serious investment. This model doesn’t feature a bolster and you’ll either love or hate this fact. The 15-degree angled blade of the Hollow-Ground Santoku is perfect for precision cutting and slicing. However, we’re more interested to see how it performs. However, brands like Kai manage to balance both aspects and make it look effortless. A great balance between quality and affordability. See our picks for the best cutting boards for Japanese knives. Who would’ve thought that for a fraction of the price, you’d get to experience the functionality of a chef’s knife? uwejhw "Kai Wasabi Kitchen Knife Set Blackclick here :" Perfect for slicing ultra-thin pieces of fish or delicate herbs to create salmon and sashimi dishes, it’s manufactured from Daido 1K6 high-carbon stainless steel blade for superior precision and edge retention. Indeed, Kai was created in the Japanese knife center of the world, Seki City, alongside other knife manufacturing legends like Miyabi and Shun (We’ve previously reviewed some of the best Shun knives available on the market). It also comes with the amazing Pakkawood handle that is as comfortable and durable as ever. If you’re an amateur chef, you probably own a knife made from this steel. This article will help walk you through some of the most impressive offerings from famed Japanese knife-manufacturer Kai. Language: English Location: United States Restricted Mode: Off Price. A stamped knife is made with a machine that punches the knife out of a slab of steel. In addition, these layers enhance the stain resistance properties. The Kai 6715D features a razor-sharp edge thereby offering performance and elegance. With a hefty 180mm blade, this is a great knife for portioning large chunks of meat or vegetables. Apparently, the Pro line of Kai knives is made of Japanese AUS-6 steel, which is comparable to 440A. The finish is responsible for the hollow cavities that you can see along the length of the blade. Kai Knives entered the market from Seki, Japan in 1908 thanks to the creativity of the founder of Kai Group. The riveted POM handle further adds to the overall stability that the knife offers, making it a worthy addition to both professional and amateur kitchens. ✅ Positives include: fantastic multi-purpose all rounder, sharp & comfortable, ❌ Downside to consider: may be unsuitable for left-handed use, and there could be superior options for specific use-cases. by Kai. Review of the Best Deba Knives for Your Money ... Kai Wasabi. Though this knife is made in Japan, it does not follow the traditional hand-forged blade. In case you’re in a hurry and just want the recommendations and prices, we’re going to dive straight into talking about Kai & various Kai knives. This beautifully designed knife is the epitome of Japanese craftsmanship and ingenuity.

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